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Abstract as educational activities (cognitive development) in the middle group "of People. Body parts" 2018
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To acquaint the children with the body parts, name them and show myself.
To expand understanding of reality.
To develop the coherent speech, the ability to listen.
To cultivate moral qualities

Materials: presentation "We are different", large mirror, pictures of animals, musical instruments, a glass of water, a tube for a cocktail, an easel, a silhouette of a snowman, part of the body and face of a snowman.

The lesson:

Teacher: Guess the riddles:

Olya fun runs

To the river along the path.

And for that we need

Our Ola (legs)

Olga listens in the forest

As the cry of the cuckoo.

And for that we need

Our Ola (lugs)

Olya looks at the cat

On pictures-stories.

And for that we need

Our Ola (eyes)

Olya berries takes

Two, three things.

And for that we need

Our Ola (pen)

Olya nucleoli nibbles

Falling shells

And for that we need

Our Ola (teeth) .

The teacher offers the children to look in the mirror

Teacher: - What do you see? (answers of children)

Teacher:- You're all the same? (none)

Teacher: what's different? (answers of children)

Teacher: - what you resemble each other?

Teacher: - we all Have head, arms, legs, ears ...

The game "We are different: people and animals": the teacher shows pictures of animals, fish and birds and asks the guys to continue the statement:

A human face, in animals.

In humans, hair, animals.

In humans, hand, animals. .

The game "What for what": the teacher calls a body part, and the children say what she needed.

Didactic game "Quicken snowman": on an easel pinned the silhouette of a snowman with no arms, legs and facial features. In order to "revive", you must fill in the missing parts of the silhouette.

The group includes Snowman, grateful children.

The p. T. break:

There are on the fingers, our nails,

On the hands, wrists, elbows.

The crown of the head, neck, shoulders, chest,

And don't forget the tummy.

There is a lap, is back

And she only one.

Eyebrows, cheekbones and temples

And eyes that are so close.

Cheeks, nose and two nostrils.

Lips, teeth look!

The chin under the lip,

Here's what we know with you!

Snowman says goodbye to the children and leaves.

Teacher:- Guys, why do we need the nose? (Answers of children)

Teacher:-in Order to live man needs to breathe. A person inhales and exhales air through the nose. Let's all take a deep breath, and then exhale. Where is the air?

Children: - Everywhere.

Teacher: - Why can't we see him?

Teacher: - I Want to show you the air?

Experiment: On the table is a glass of water and a straw for a cocktail. The teacher invites one child to blow into a tube and wondered if you saw children of the air (not) .

Then puts a straw in a glass of water and offers to blow into a tube.

Teacher: - What do you see? (the bubbles) This is the air.

A game called "guess that sound"

Teacher: How did you find out what the instrument sounds? (We listened)

Teacher: - And you know what to do, so that our ears hear and be healthy?

Child 1.

To health keep

And health strengthen,

Knows my whole family

Must be the mode of the day.

Child 2

Brush teeth, wash

And to smile more often.

To harden, and then

You are not afraid of the Blues.

Child 3

Eat vegetables and fruits,

Fish, dairy,

Here is a useful food

Vitamins full.


Those are good tips,

In them, and hidden secrets,

How health keep

Learn to appreciate it!

Didactic game "What are the things we need for health? "

The teacher shows a presentation of "We are different" and reads a poem:

Together live on a huge planet

Different adults, different children.

Looks different and skin color,

But of course we are in something similar!

We all want to be happy,

New stars in the sky to open.

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