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Abstract "behavior Rules in the nature" 2018
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The progress of the class
1. Children sit on chairs in a semicircle.
-Guys, the natural world is very diverse and extremely interesting works. In nature everything is interconnected. Let's follow one of the chains of connections.
- In order to live, man needs to breathe fresh air, which a lot of oxygen. With each exhalation of man produces carbon dioxide.
- Plants, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so necessary to man.
- The leaves of flowers and trees eaten by numerous insects, caterpillars and worms. The plants may die. (show images of flowers and forests)
- Birds feed on caterpillars, worms, thus saving the plant world from destruction.
- Guys, not enough plants and animals listed in the Red book.
- And you know what this book is? (answers of children)
Is a document that lists all the rare animals and plants on the verge of extinction, that is, those who on earth have very little and need to keep. Nature conservation largely depends on the person.
- What you need to do to rare animals and plants disappeared?
- Here's an example of beautiful woodland plant – Lily of the valley. (showing pictures) the Lily is not only very beautiful flowers with a pleasant smell, they are still healing: they make medicine. But, unfortunately, every endeavor in the spring to disrupt at least a small bouquet of lilies of the valley., not thinking about the fact that this plant included in the Red book.
In the forest grows a lot of mushrooms – edible and inedible. Edible mushrooms we eat, but they need the forest. Some animals eat these mushrooms and even treated them. So, if you see in the forest, edible mushrooms, don't trample them, and don't hit the stick.
- Back in the woods you can see the large anthills. Why do you think the warrens are called attendants of the forest? (answers of children)
- Because they consume millions of insects that destroy wood. And the forest is a variety of trees, shrubs, medicinal plants and herbs.
Phys. min. "the wind Blows us in the face."
The wind
The wind blows in our faces
Rocked the tree.
Wind hush, hush, hush.
Tree higher and higher. (Children imitate the wind, shaking the torso
in one direction and then the other. The words "hush, hush" children squat,
on "higher, higher" — straightened.)
The wind blows over the fields
The wind blows over the fields,
And sways the grass. (Children shake hands smoothly over his head.)
The cloud floats above us,
Like a white mountain. (Stretch hands upwards.)
Wind dust over the field is.
Bend ears —
Left and right, back and forth,
And then Vice versa. (Tilts from side to side, front to back.)
We climb the hill, (Walk in place.)
There is a little rest. (Children sit down.)
The wind shakes the quiet maple
The wind quietly swings the maple,
Right, left tips:
Time — slope and two — slope,
Rustled the maple leaves. (Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your head. Of torso right and left.)
2.-Guys, imagine that on a fine August afternoon you are going for a walk in the woods. In the forest warm and dry. If you touch a hand to the rough branch, to the heads of barbed grass, if you sit down on the hill, strewn with yellowed needles – all fragrant and dry. In such days it is especially dangerous to breed in the forest fire.
-Do you know the guys. Why break out of forest fires? (answers of children)
- Sometimes set the forest on fire, maybe lightning, but that rarely happens. Most often the cause of forest fires is negligence of people. The fire could begin from-for thrown a burning match, unquenched cigarette, outstanding fire and even the shard of glass. Yeah, don't be surprised! A piece of glass may collect the sun's rays to one point and to play the role of fiery lenses. First begin to smolder blades of grass and thin twigs, pine needles, dry twigs then. Flames with each passing minute become more, rise higher and higher, grabbing bushes and trees.
- Remember guys that it's no flame can stomp their feet to bring down branches or to fill the earth, but to put out forest fires is available only to adults - firefighters and rescue workers using special equipment, airplanes, helicopters.
- What do you think should be done to the man who was in the area of a forest fire?
(answers of children)
- It is necessary to leave the dangerous place. You need to walk away briskly against the wind, better firebreak, road, river or stream.
- If in the woods a lot of smoke, it is necessary to moisten a handkerchief or clothing and to breathe through a wet cloth, and to escape from fire should be bent down to the ground.
- Guys, don't forget after camping to clean up garbage (papers, bottles, packages, and all that's left on your clearing) .
D/and odd the subject will encourage your children to come to the table)
- Guys, look on the Desk with unnecessary items that can't be the cause of the fire.
- What subjects are left?
- Can they cause fires? (answers of children)
Children sit on their seats.
3. Will invite the children to listen to the poem "the House under the roof of blue"
Like a roof over earth, Common roof we live in.
Blue skies. The house under the roof of blue
And under the roof is fighting for the rights And spacious, and a large
Rivers, mountains and forests. The house is spinning around the sun,
Oceans, ships, To there it was warm,
And meadows and flowers Below each window
All countries and all Nations, to Cover it might.
And, of course, me and you. So we lived in the world,
Circling in the blue sky Not swearing, not threatening,
Our huge round house. As good neighbors
Under one is fighting for the rights, Or good friends.
- What kind of house is referred to in the poem: an ordinary or house-nature?
- Why do you think so?
- Guys, people always live in friendship with nature and its inhabitants. How can a man hurt nature? What should we do to keep our home-nature? (children's responses) .
Voronkova Love.
The living flashlight
Father came home late from work. Ivan went to meet my father, and together they went home through dense birch grove.
In the grove it was already dark. The trees dozed over a narrow path. Flowers on the meadow was closed and fell asleep, and did not see what they are: blue or red. Only white firefly stood straight, like a candle, and like glowed in the dark.
John hurriedly walked, to keep up with dad. Father single step will step, as John — three. Still, he lagged behind a little.
— Dark in the grove, — said Ivan, — the path is not visible, as if not to stray.
"Let's walk! his father had said.
Van wanted to say: "Dad, you should've stepped it down! And then I fall behind, and I am one scary". But he was silent and only thought: even if the father stopped!
Then his father really stopped.
— I say dark you, "he said," here, take the flashlight yeah Shine on the path!
Ivan came to his father:
— Where's the flashlight?
What do you mean? Don't you see? But, in the grass glows.
John looked closer and saw "flashlight": small as a spark shone in a dark grass green light.
Quietly take it, don't put out, " said the father.
John took green sparks along with the grass. In the grass was full of dew, but the light flickered and didn't die. John gently took it in his hands.
"What is it? Now you lighter? — the father asked.
Green sparkle, and even his hands were covered, but it seemed to him that the going got lighter. When they came home, Ivan still from the porch and shouted:
— Mom! Grandma! Look what we found a flashlight!
Ran into the hut, opened the palm: "Look at that!
"I think I became blind — said grandma," I see no flashlight.
And I don't see a flashlight, " said the mother, — a handful of grass, and more and nothing.
Ivan opened his palm wide as possible — really, only a handful of grass!
How has he lost? "whispered John.
He were ready to splash tears. But Joe was strong: he gritted his teeth, blinked and cried.
"Maybe he's not lost," said dad, " let's keep looking.
They laid the grass on the table — wet forest of grass and leaves.
Suddenly John said:
— Look, maggot come from somewhere! and wanted to throw a small dark worm that was hiding in the grass.
— Wait — stopped his father — after all, this is your flashlight. Well, let's see how he is in the darkness will burn.
Ivan quickly turned off the light. In the hut it was dark. And again everything began to look: where is the green light?
— Can't see, " again said the grandmother.
And the mother repeated:
— Handful of grass. And more and nothing.
— Do not make noise. Hush, " said the father, — the worm was scared because the lights turned off. But calm down — and again.
All sat quietly around the table. Sat and waited. One minute passed, two, three...
And suddenly among a forest of wet grass and leaves quietly ignited a small forest fire. A small green spark lit up in the dark.
— See, see! — happy grandmother.
— I see, "said mother," it is you and your dad found a Firefly!
John was very happy and was very proud to have brought such an amazing find. He looked at Firefly and laughed.
And then: wondered and asked:
— Dad, you tell me: where does your current it takes?
— I don't know, "replied the father," tomorrow afternoon will look at it better — maybe I'll figure it out.
— Well, quite on the Firefly to watch! — said the mother and turned on the light. — It's time for dinner.
John gathered from the table the grass with the fireflies and put it in a box. So tomorrow he and the father will definitely see where Firefly takes your current!
But in the morning Ivan opened the box and there's no one there. Only forest grass Yes the leaves lie on the ground. Alive flashlight and crawled away, and the boy never found out, as he turns on his light and as he turns off and where the current takes.
Oh, never mind. When John will grow, will learn, let it be to read books — then he's bound to know it

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