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Abstract class experimentation in the preparatory group: "Properties of paper" 2018
2016-02-26, 19:35:18

Topic: the properties of the paper.
Objective: to find out what properties it has paper. Learn to use its strength in solving a problem situation.

To contribute to the development of research skills of students.
To develop coherent speech, memory, logical thinking, ability to justify the answers. To develop the ability to independently unite to resolve the situation, agree to help each other.
To foster friendly relationships between children.
Equipment: hourglass, paper: newspaper, tissue paper, landscape, on 3 dice on a couple of kids, blue paper (the river) .

- Hello, guys.
A knock at the door.
-Who do we knock? Come in.

Is the postman:
-To send a telegram.
Thank you. Guys, it's a telegram from the hedgehog. Want to know what he writes?
"Hello, guys. Need your help. I urgently need to cross the river to deliver the drug to the patient. Help. Hedgehog"
-Asks the hedgehog? What happened to him?
-Are you willing to help?
-what do you think: how can I cross the river? (options recorded) .
-You have a lot of options, but we need to choose one that will help to cross the river. To do this, we will go to the lab.
Who can tell: what is a laboratory? (the room where many of the devices for experiments) .
-who works in the lab? (scientists) .
Scientists perform experiments. What do you think, what are the rules to follow when working in the lab?
In our laboratory, 5 tables. On the tables you see: blue paper – river, 2 dice-the river, the third cube hedgehog. 3 types of paper: newsprint, landscape, swipe.
-recall, dear scientists, what problem are we going to work? (as a hedgehog to cross the river) .
-Divide into couples and occupy jobs. Paper can be crumpled, folded, etc. Think and we welcome your suggestions in 10 minutes. Beginning the work.
Independent work children.
-Time has passed. We are ready to listen.
-And now remember what you offered at the beginning of class.
-Which option is more suited to a hedgehog? Why? We have helped hedgehog?
- How the hedgehog learns that we came up with? (Send him a parcel) .
Local postman. Handing the parcel.
-When you get home, encourage parents to think of the crossing of the bridge using paper. Surprise them with your knowledge.

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