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Abstract class in the world for children of the younger group "Dairy products" 2018
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Abstract class in the world for children of the younger group "Dairy products"
Objective: to Give an idea about the origin of milk and dairy products.
- Clarify the knowledge about the benefits of milk and milk products, to fix their names.
To give a synthesis of the concept of "dairy products".
- Enrich the vocabulary of children, to consolidate the onomatopoeia.
- To consolidate drawing skills
- Develop fine motor skills
- Contribute to the development of children's imagination, creative skills.

- To raise love of Pets and desire to take care of them.
- To cultivate the ability to enjoy his work
- To cultivate tenderness and kindness to one another, hospitality.

Toy-cow, dummy food, pencils, gouache, cotton swabs, paper with a picture of a waffle Cup or tube.

Teacher: Guys, listen to the riddle.

Anyone with horns and a tail

The smell of hay, milk?

Who is mooing, eating grass

Near the house at the flute?

Who in the evening we pair

Milk gives? (Cow) .

-Yes, that's right it's a cow. And today she came to visit us. Her name is Bessie. Let her say hi. (Children: Hello, Bessie)

She lives in the barn. Eats hay. Gives a lot of milk".

"Milk from white Cows, very useful

For the quick growth of her little son".

- And who is the little boy from ladybugs? (right - calf)


The little calf drank the milk. Feet become strong (children stomp their feet)

Horns began strong (children show horns)

The calf turned the tail, "Mu - u" roared (onomatopoeia)

Teacher: Guess who else wants some milk.

Soft, fluffy,

Clawed paws.

Or spinose SAG,

Or "meow" sing a different tune.

Teacher: Who is it? (the children answer) Right, guys - it's a cat.

Do you like milk (answer children) .

Milk gives a person power, beauty, health, because it contains a lot of vitamins and other minerals for the health and growth of children substances. Who drinks milk, he will grow big and strong

Bessie invites you to go with her to the store.

The Game "Shop"

Teacher: Let's hurry to the store "Merry milkman" Guys, what do you think, what products you can buy in the store? (Children: milk, sour cream) .

- Why do you think so? (In the name of the store is the word - the milkman. Is the word similar to the word "milk") .

- All these products we can name in one word - dairy. That's how a lot of them in the store. But to buy these products you will be able only after guessing the riddles (the teacher thinks of the puzzle and shows the "products")


From it so many different

Make delicious things!

And always, from the cradle, from

All they feed the kids.

Gives us his cow,

And, of course, you can easily

Guess the word:

This word ... (Milk)

It's yellow and salty came out,

Its so much like a mouse,

And there is a lot of holes.

Who is he? Of course, it's ... (Cheese)

Sandwiches without it

Just does not happen.

In cereals it different

Often added.

It easy greasy,

And, of course, clearly,

The name got him one thing

Is the name of: ... (Oil)

It is loose, snow-white,

The taste is delicate,

With him doing a pie,

His name is ... (Cheese)

White water is useful to us all,

Of water white all you want, do:

Cream, curd, butter in our mess,

The cheese on the Patty, eat, Vanya, my friend! (Milk)

– Well done! All guessed. Tell me, please, what can cook out of milk? (Cereal, milk soup, jelly)

– Why is it helpful to eat porridge for Breakfast?

– Why do you think some people say, "He's a little porridge to eat? "Yeah, you're right, it's talking about weak and sickly people who do not eat cereals. We have the morning a lot of work, practice, will all this need to spend a lot of manpower, energy, and mess a lot of useful vitamins and substances. What kind of porridge do you love most?

– Let's you and I now cook delicious milk porridge.

Visminda :

On the stove in a saucepan

Cereal puffed.

All children

To buy wanted! (Children show in front of the circle, joining both hands)

Semolina, semolina (Pat tummies right hand)

Porridge is desired.

Tasty, tender, (Pat tummy with the left hand)

Very useful! (Show thumb with both hands)

Educator: Each mess in its own delicious and healthy. Who knows how to make the porridge even more delicious? (Add : nuts, fruit, raisins,. )

-What else is there in our store? Listen to the following riddle:

I'm in the Cup, cone,

Delicious and delicate.

Made with milk,

Often white.

The freezers live

And in the sun from melting (ice cream)

-Here we have a store! It sells dairy products! And now we are going to play a game "What is superfluous? "

The game "What is superfluous? "

Look carefully and decide what product extra? (if the children are wrong - Burenka dissatisfied grunts" and "shakes head") Why you think so? (This is the dairy products and bun, sausage, apples... don't apply to them) well Done! You have correctly completed the task.

Teacher: What did you like best in the store? (answers of children)

Let us draw the ice cream and treat our mother Cow. I now you will distribute pencils and paper - it is already drawn tube or Cup. You will finish ball top (kids paint ball).

- What kind of ice cream you like the most? (teacher listens carefully to each) will make his favorite – decorate the scoop of ice cream with cotton sticks (the teacher distributes gouache, cotton swabs-kids paint)

Teacher: well done! What a "delicious" ice cream you got! Will give a try to the Cow (the Cow "Moos pretty", "thanks" children)

Teacher: And now let us bid farewell to the Cow, say thank you to her (the children say goodbye) .

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