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Abstract classes design from natural materials "Friends of the man" 2018
2016-05-14, 23:28:49

Purpose and objectives:
1. Develop fine motor skills, coordinate the work of both hands.
2. Contribute to the development of attention, perseverance, design and creativity.
3. To foster an interest in nature, the desire to maintain her beauty.
4. To create in children the feeling of joy and success.

The lesson:
Teacher: today we Have guests. Let them say hi. They want to see, as we grew up, learned how to work together, how to behave well. In our group light and fun, and fun we from our smiles. We will smile more often. And the window another picture.
- What time of year?
By what signs we may determine that it is autumn?
Image display: the early, Golden, late autumn.
- How can I determine what is autumn?
In the woods just wandering around aimlessly
How many cones have fresh green pines...
Whirled Autumn red storm,
Golden leaves from the maple trees flew...
- Here's another landscape.
If on the trees the leaves turned yellow,
If the edge of the distant birds flew,
If the sky gloomy,
If rain pours.
This time of year called autumn.
- What is autumn in this picture, what do you think?
Late in the fall. Rooks flew,
The forest is stripped, the fields were empty.
Only not compressed strip one...
Sad canto suggests it.
Guys tell me what you know about the forest? What plants have in the forest? What animals live? We forgot to name one inhabitant of the fairy forest. To see him, listen to him and guess a riddle.
A very kind man.
Spout instead of a knot.
Knobs – hooks-sticks,
And with legs.
What a kind old man?
Who is it?
Children: the pinewood.
Teacher: Well Done. Meet the Pinewood. Something he's a little sad. We do know a good song about our Pinewood. Let's raise him up?
Song of Pinewood.
And so he was not sad in the forest, let's make friends of Pinewood. And who befriends the pinewood, you will learn, if you answer my riddle.
Eyes with kerchief,
Lugs along the back,
Clothes in two colors –
In the winter, for the summer.
Children: The Hare.
Under smoother music kids design from natural material.
Master-class "How to sculpt the head of a hare and to connect it with the body (bump) ".
Summary of the study: What beautiful bunnies turned out. 1, 2, 3 Bunny quicken. The game "Day, night".

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