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Abstract classes in acquaintance with world around and the basics of ecology "As the animals hibernate?" 2018
2016-06-09, 21:54:17

Topic :How do animals spend the winter?
Goal : tdevelop children's ideas about animal life in the forest, about how they adapt to winter, to expand knowledge about the behavior and habits of animals in winter, to increase the interest in the animal life. To develop attention, memory, logical thinking, speech of students. To foster love and respect for nature.
Vocabulary work pit, hole, den, bear.

The message to children that we will go today in the winter forest and see how animals hibernate. Children greet, wish each other health.

Joyfully accepts the message for caregivers

Organizational search "a Walk in the winter woods".

"We came in the winter forest

How many miracles around here.

Right-birch coat stands,

On the left tree looking at us.

Snowflakes in the sky circling

On the ground fit beautifully.

That sweetie rode,

From a Fox he ran away.

It's a gray wolf prowling

He is looking for prey.

We all hide now

Not then he will find us.

Only bear in a den sleeps

So all winter and sleep.

Flying bullfinches,

How beautiful they are!

In the forest, beauty and peace"

-Oh, look what I found today when I came to school today.

Read riddles about animals.

1. Who buds on a branch chewing and throwing down?

Who from branch to branch, deftly jumping on and off the oak trees?

Who in the hollow of nuts, hides,

Dry winter mushrooms. (protein)

2. Cunning cheat, red head,

The tail is fluffy - beauty!

And her name (Fox)

3. The owner of the forest wakes up in the spring

And in the winter, the Blizzard howling,

Sleeping in a snow hut. (bear)

4. For trees, shrubs

Flashed like flame,

Flashed, ran

No smoke, no fire .(Fox)

5. Who in the woods, all the greater?

Who is rich wears fur?

Who in the den until spring

Day and night watches dreams? (bear)

6. What a beast of the forest

Stood like a column,

Under a pine tree

And standing among grass,

Ears larger than the head? (hare)

7. Who in the forest of teeth – clacks

This haunting grey (wolf)

8. Animal we learn with you

In two of these signs:

He's in the gray coat in winter

And the red coat in the summer.


9. Grumpy unflirty

Lives in the wilderness of the forest,

Needles very much,

And string no .( hedgehog)

Put up pictures of animals.

-Guys, tell me please, how the animals live in the forest as they spend the winter?

-Let's you better learn how they overwinter.

The presentation "How animals spend the winter. "

Visminda :

Bunny Belenky sitting and wiggles ears

Here so, here so he moves with ears.

Bunny too cold to sit, it is necessary the paws warm.

So, here it is necessary the paws warm.

Bunny cold to stand, you have to Bunny jump.

So, here it is necessary to Bunny jump.

Someone frightened rabbit – the Bunny jumped and ran away.

. – And who could scare our Bunny?

-And now let's look at the traces left by animals.

Pictures of tracks and animals.

Work in the ABC –books:

A) what color is the hare in winter?

cool That have proteins for lunch?

Didactic game : "Find tracks".

And now let's listen to the poems about animals.

1. I really like the squirrel on the branch

The fungus itself and the fungus neighbor.

A neighbor is looking for the bumps

For herself and for her son.

A friend will give a nut –

Enough Goodies for all!

2. The twigs will be held,

It will turn back.

To unravel this trail –

No end, no edge there.

Only if very quiet

We will be walking in the woods,

Then, maybe lucky us

Meet a cunning Fox.

3. Says RAM the wolf:

- Well, some of the sense of friendship?

If we're friends,

So eat you not!

4. Looking Bunny in the garden.

That in the garden grows there?

Here are peas, carrots, cabbage.

In the garden was empty

5. Bear paw furry

Tear raspberries slowly.

Goes looking for the bear

Sweet and fragrant honey.

-What you done, thank you.

Children listen to, perform movements to the words.

The children listen and guess riddles.

Children view pictures of animals.

Answer the questions.

Watch with interest of the presentation.

Children listen to the text and carry out movements.

(Wolf, Fox.)

Children see the traces.

Work in your notebook, answer the questions.

Children share poems about animals.

Reflexive correction of the beasts Who do you like more?

How would you help the animals to survive the winter?

Let your hearts will always be kind, and open.

Love nature and she will help you in life.

In class the postman brings a package with a letter from the forest dwellers,

In the parcel of treats (Awlaki, oranges, nuts). The children answer, tell.

Listen with interest the letter, as a treat.

Expected result:
Facts : winter phenomena, especially the existence of animals in the forest.
To have : understanding of the behavior and habits of animals.

To be able: to protect and to love nature, to answer the questions in complete answers, to bring arguments, to listen, to guess riddles, and poems about animals.

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