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Abstract classes in acquaintance with world around "Part of day" 2018
2016-03-26, 23:00:54

The game-classes
1. The game "let's Warm animals".
The kids come familiar characters: bear and kitten. The teacher tells the children that the animals in the rain, when they came to visit the kids. They got soaked and frozen, need to warm them, wrapped in towels.
-I have two towels. Are they the same?
-How do they compare?
Children note that towels are distinguished by color and length.
Who will turn in a short towel? Why?
The teacher brings the children to your answer.
(Yellow towel is short, it fit the kitten, because it is small. Blue towel is long, it is ideal bear, he is big and can't wrap in a small towel.)
2. The game is "When it happens? "
Bear and cat bought a solar watch: look, there is an arrow and pictures: here the sun opens his eyes, wakes up – this morning, but the sun closes her eyes – this evening; here eyes wide open at the sun – day; but the sun sleeps – this is the night. Let's play. I'll show an arrow on the picture, and you will call me part of the day and say, what do we do at this time.
Physical exercises
Children perform movements in accordance with the text of the poem.
Every day in the morning
We do body exercises.
We love
To do in order:
Fun to walk,
Fun to walk;
Hands raised,
Hands down,
Hands raised,
Hands down;
Squat and get up
Crouch and stand;
Jumping and jumping,
Leaping, and jumping.
3. The game "balloons".
Each child is given a cardboard with glued narrow strips of paper red, blue, green, yellow etc. colors and the same color circles. The teacher says: "Bear and cat love balloons. Let's give them the balloons and they flew off, tie them to the threads.
But need to tie to the color of the strings was the same as that of the bead" (you Can just make circles, and it is possible to wear them.)
4. The conclusion of the lesson.
-Do you think the bear liked our balls?
How many balls you give the bear?
- What is the color of these balls? What they form? What they form? And strings of these beads are the same length or different? What color strings?
- What color balls you will be pleased with the kitten? How many balls will be given to a kitten?

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