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Abstract classes in older speech therapy group, "Introduction to number seven" 2018
2016-03-07, 05:22:34


1 Development of ideas about the appearance, the properties of potatoes and other vegetables, the development of motor skills through the ability to pound and to add salt to the potatoes

2. To expand, clarify and reinforce the vocabulary on the theme "Vegetables"

3. To develop the desire to search activity: proposing simple hypotheses

4. The development of action use of symbols the individual properties of objects (color, shape, size) in the analysis of vegetables

5. To raise the need for eating vegetables and fruits, to nurture the need to wash their hands while eating and cooking

6. Teaching children to do self-analysis of their actions.

The actions of the caregiver

The content

The actions of the children

1 the situation.

Objective: to Motivate children to complete the task

The teacher draws attention to the snowman:

-Look who came to visit us?

- What in his hands?

Today we will learn the number 7

Let's think that there is only 7

The 7 colors of the rainbow

7 notes, 7 days a week

7 dwarfs, 7 little goats


The card with the number 7


Children answer questions.

Child makes a collage of pictures

The result: the interest of the children.

2 situation.

Objective: to acquaint children with the number seven, develop memory and thinking.

What kind of egret, everyone knows

For the six steps.

Yes, it is known to all

This Heron is a digit.

- The number 7 record sign-figure 7

- Write the number in the air.


Children answer a riddle.

Children to write a number seven in the air

Children answer questions

Result: met the number seven.

3 the situation.

Objective: to learn to guess riddles, to teach children to read number by number.

- Children, let's remember the number that follows the number 4, 2, 3, 6?

- What number is before the number 2, 3, 4, 6?

- Name the neighbors 3, 1, 4, 6.

And now I propose to count from 1 to 7 in reverse order from 7 to 1

From what numbers we can get number 7?


Children answer a riddle.

Children to write a number seven in the air

Children answer questions

The result: have you guessed the riddle, caught the number 7, the number

4 situation.

Objective: the Development of children's action of constructing models of quantitative relationships used to compare two sets of objects

The teacher gives out the cards and chips of two colors:

-Children, look at the picture in front of you, we need to know for each snowman will be enough buckets?

What more? What less?

To count the items do not need before to put on snowmen the bucket on your head, you need to make a "picture" of chips.

Red chip we denote buckets, blue snowmen

Cards, chips of two colors Children perform the task

The result: Children have mastered the steps of building models of quantitative relationships.

5 situation.

Purpose: to relieve stress, fatigue.

Children, stand up each side of his chair. We sculpt a snowman Out of the fluffy snow. Here played com first, Here's a great big he Com second slightly smaller, the Third is the head. The hat will be from a bucket. Nose – carrot, and eyes – Two cheerful coals. All ready our snowman, he is happy. Laughing mouth from ear to ear, Amuses he all children. The snowman suddenly comes to life. And guys helps.

Children emit a movement educator.

The result: Children have a rest

6 the situation.

Objec Sebastian, Zina and Anton, followed by Lena, Katy and Gene, And then Ignat. How much is the snow guys?

Children answer question

The result: Children have secured a verbal count to seven.

7 the situation.

Aim: to Develop attention, observation.

The snowman told me that today on a walk he saw some birds like pigeon, Starling, butterfly, Sparrow, magpie, crow and rook. That's how much seven.

Children, I believe that he made a mistake, you think what? Children answer questions

8 the situation

Aim: to develop attention, observation, visual memory.

The tutor distributes the task and 2 colored pencil:

-Figures 6 to circle circle in green pencil

- Figures 7, to circle in a circle in red pencil

6 1 5 3 2 7 1

4 5 2 6 7 3

Children encircle figures in a circle

The result:

9 the situation.


The game "Question –answer"

-In the 7 rainbow colors, then rainbow what? (seven-colored)

- If the house has 7 floors, so the house is what? (seven-story)

- In a car 7 seats, what a mean machine? (seven-seat)

- In week, 7 days a week so what? (seven days)

- If the 7 string guitar, what guitar? (seven-string)

- Figure 7 angles, so figure what? (heptagonal shape, polygon)

Children answer questions

The result:

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