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Abstract classes in physical culture medium in the group "travelling by bus" 2018
2016-06-10, 22:10:58

Objectives: to Train the children in walking and running in pairs; in the coordination of movements at performance of exercises with hoops. To improve crawling on all fours in the "tunnel"; walk the cord and crawl lying on the bench, pulling on his hands. To teach correctly, to climb a gymnastic ladder up and down. To nurture in children a sense of empathy and collectivism.

I part. – Guys, today we are going to ride the bus, let us stand in pairs in the path.
Walking in pairs.
– Look to the right of the window, there is snow on the street, even though it's spring. Look to the left, and the children who ride the bus (children's reflection in the mirror, smile at them. Oh guys see the light and lit red.
The children stop.
Again turned green and the bus drove on. Now look right again, you guys see how many people ride in another bus, wave your hand to them. Caution traffic light (red and green again).

The children stood still and again continue to move.
– And now our bus gained speed and went very quickly.

Running in pairs.
– Guys, look ahead "tunnel", be careful.

To crawl on all fours through the tunnel and stand in pairs (repeat 2 times).

Part II.

Finally our bus stopped at the bus stop "Workout with hoops".

Execution-General warm up; exercise with hoops. Then remove the hoops and sit on chairs.

Principal movements
– The next stop "Sports", let's take off our shoes and now we will be engaged barefoot.

Obstacle course. To sneak in under the arc, to go sideways on the cord, and then to crawl lying flat on the bench, pulling on his hands and pass on the corrugated Board (repeat 2 times).
– Now stop, which is called "Forest"

Sit on the chairs.
– Oh, guys, I think in a forest fire, an urgent need to call the fire Department.

The guys take turns to climb gymnastics ladder, ring the bell and go down.
– The fire was extinguished, now let's play in the forest. The game is called "Hunters and hares". One of you is the hunter (hides behind the tree, and the rest of the hares. Each hare your house. The rabbits have to be attentive.

The game is repeated 4 – 5 times.

– Well, here are the guys, our bus trip is coming to an end, let's go sit on the lawn and play with her fingers.

Finger gymnastics: "Boy fingers", "Boat", "Sun", "Men", "Tree", "Binoculars".

– Let's look through binoculars, does not go us on a bus?

The children get up, are built in pairs and begin walking in a circle, and then leave.

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