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Abstract classes in research activities on walks "Part of day" 2018
2016-03-26, 22:57:12

The course of educational activity:
1. Motivational moment. (Alarm goes off) .
The children you hear this sound, it sounds (clock, alarm)
All of us need to watch what (to Navigate in time, to know how much time. To respect the day)
Well, we keep the mode of the day in the garden (children's responses)
Some of you may correctly determine what time it is?
Or maybe you know riddles about time (children ask riddles) .
Round dial,
Correct alignment,
Numbers all in a row
Are exactly.
Guess (answer) : Watch
Live on the wall
Having tightened knees.
Go, knock –
Never silent.
Guess (answer) : Watch
2. The study of the device and types hours. (Show the children a real watch with a big dial) .
The story of a caregiver what are the hours.
Guys look closely at the watch, they consist of a case of dial, hands small and large. The numbers on the clock from 1 to 12. Large arrow marks how many minutes and called minute. A small arrow marks the hour and time is called.
Show me where on this clock the big hand is and where the little. Well done children you got that right.
Take a closer look at the clock, which hand on the clock goes faster:small or large (Child looks at watch)
A big hand goes from one little dash to the other in one minute.
For one hour the little hand goes from one dash to another, It goes through the dial twice because in day 24 hours.
And now we will count how many numbers on a clock, we call them in order. (The kids call the numbers and consider the dial) .
-A long time ago people on our Planet was not a mechanical watch. How did they know? Does anyone know (asked of children) When there were mechanical clocks, people drew a circle in the center set the stick and the shadow knew the time. (Show illustrations)
Now let's see how many hours the different types and models have appeared in our time. (Pictorial review hours) .Children let's all draw a clock, it will be yours.

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