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Abstract classes in valeology "Flower of health" 2018
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Over the course of the class.
Invented by someone, just and wise.
When meeting to greet: "Good morning!
Good morning the sun and birds!
Good morning friendly faces! "
Guys, we have guests today! Say Hello to our guests.
- Health I wish you all.
Health and goodness to you.
- Well.
You're not just saying Hello, you gave them a piece of health, and wished the guests good health.
And today we will be talking about health, how to save, and be healthy.
Do you know any sayings about health?
Continue the phrase:
"The sun, air and water ... our best friends"
"Who tidy ... good people"
"Healthy body, healthy spirit..."
"Purely to live to be healthy..."
"Clean – the guarantee of health..."
Children explain how they understand the meaning of the proverb.
Teacher: he who loves purity of a child, the less it hurts. And who is not friendly with soap and water, stick the germs and he gets sick. (Phone rings)
Who can we call.
Hi guys. I - Fiksiki, and I got sick.
Happened to me big trouble.
Dirty hands, eating cookies in the morning.
And in the evening suddenly my stomach hurts.
And I feel sick all the time here.
Nor know, nor know what to drink.
Friends tell me how can I be?
Oh, Oh, somebody help me...
We can't hear you. With Pixicam trouble happened.
Hey guys, why Fixies are sick?
-there are dirty hands;
-does not comply with the rules of hygiene;
- in the morning he doesn't have time to eat Breakfast;
But there are organisms not dangerous for us.
Even, on the contrary, very useful. They are called beneficial bacteria. For example, yogurt, curdled milk, curd, cheese and many other dairy products. In the human body there are beneficial microorganisms that help to digest food that enters the stomach.
But harmful microbes trapped in the human body, can cause him great harm.
Here in the case of Fixies –it happened.
Dirt hand was in his body. That's why he got sick.
And did you see when or whether the germs?
Germs are so small that to see them with the naked eye is impossible.
With the help of which they can be considered?
-The microscope.
Allow you to set an imaginary microscope and see.
And here is the realm of germs, and his king.
(There was a roar and thunder in the group will receive the Kingdom of microbes-is depicted on a magnetic Board)
The king of germs.
We germs are powerful creatures, though not visible. When we enter into the human body, as we immediately begin to multiply. We are becoming more and more people getting worse and worse: he is ill, it shakes, batters, starts sneezing and coughing, high temperature.
So your friend Fiksiki was in our Kingdom.
How can we destroy the microbes?
(Answers of children)
You are absolutely right. But to free up Fixies, we can, if we execute all tasks, and then the Kingdom is destroyed, and Fixies will be saved.
For each completed task, in the Kingdom of microbes, you will receive a petal of health.
1-the task. (With items)
D/the game is "useful and harmful foods"
Before you lie in the basket, different foods (cabbage, carrot, Apple, lemon, chocolate, onion, garlic, yogurt, iced cheese, cottage cheese, popcorn, popcorn, chips). To select only those products that you think are useful.
(Children take a single product, justifying your choice)

To be healthy you must eat healthy food.
(Here petal) the Teacher together with children coming to the "Kingdom of microbes" and attach the petal.
2 - task (verbal)
Play give the correct answer. Possible or not? "
If my advice is good
Then clap your hands
On the wrong Board
Just say "no."
- cat Murka from the street came
The mud on my legs brought.
Stroking my Morocco
Very love cats.
Cat washes,
To me to like you.
I also hand wash
With soap and warm water.
Come on, give me an answer
Possible or not?
- I lick icicles
Searchcom and snacks.
Come on, give me an answer
Possible or not?
- I'm on thin ice
On the river walk.
Come on, give me an answer
Possible or not?
- That microbes have nothing in common
Not, children temper.
Give, children, answer me,
Possible or not?
Never get sick,
Need a day to sleep in.
Give, children, answer me,
Possible or not?
- If you want to be strong,
With sports ought to be friends.
Children, give me an answer
Possible or not?
- That winter does not hurt,
In the cold singing.
Come on, give me an answer
Possible or not?
- The flu, sore throat
We keep vitamins.
Give, children, answer me,
Possible or not?
- Eat onions, garlic –
You cold not find.
Children, give me an answer
Is it true or not?
- Eat more vitamins
Will be strong and beautiful.
Give, children, answer me,
Is it true or not?
"I want to be healthy")
To be healthy – you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Here the petal. The teacher together with children coming to the "Kingdom of microbes" and attach the petal.
3 - the job
Every day we walk with you, to play to collect twigs at the site,
and how to cope with the germs that got on our hands?
The children's responses.
Of course, we will help soap and water. You all know the sequence of hand washing.
The next job you properly wash their hands.
Cards will help you remember the sequence of hand washing.
The game "do you wash your hands? "
Self-Massage Soap
Every day I washed and collect squeezes my fingers.
Under the hot water, Turn the hand palm up and down.
And in the morning in the palms of both hands alternately (right, left)
Really, really, really soap.
Wash yourself, soap, don't be lazy! Simulation of the soaping of hands with soap and water.
Not vytkalsya don't be mad!
To be healthy we need to observe personal hygiene.
Here the petal. The teacher together with children coming to the "Kingdom of microbes" and attach the petal.
4 - the job
Teacher: – guys, do you know what germs are on the run from those who exercise and play sports. I propose to guess riddles about sports.
To guess riddles, it's next assignment
1. Tape, ball, balance beam and uneven bars,
Rings next to them.
Not a list, I guess
A lot of shells.
Beauty and plasticity
Gives us. (gymnastics)
2. On the field teams chase the ball,
Goalkeeper in goal, there is a stain.
It does not allow the ball to score a goal.
On the field the boys are playing. (football)
3. He's playing on skates.
The stick, which he holds in his hands.
The puck hits the stick.
Who will call the athlete? (hockey player)
4. Here athletes on skates
Practice jumps.
Ice sparkles and glitter.
These athletes were. (skaters)
5. To escape quickly,
In Bob all fit
Using the ice road from the hill,
Race two and four. (Bobsleigh)
6. Without a paddle will not do,
If the sport will do.
And as the title of the lesson,
Where in a boat, sailing to the finish line? (Rowing)
7. Jet tracks
Our float assy,
Then crawl, then breaststroke. (Swimming)
8. Two rivals in the battle to fight:
Attacks and bounces.
No blood from a prick of the rapier.
When they have tournaments. (Fencing)
9. The tournament goes on. The tournament is in full swing.
We're playing with Andrew in the pair.
At trial, we will leave together.
Rackets, balls we hit.
And against us — Andre and Denis.
How to play brothers? ... (Tennis)
To be healthy you need to exercise, and then germs will be frightened of you.
Here the petal. The teacher together with children coming to the "Kingdom of microbes" and attach the petal.
5 - homework
And in order not to hurt and not to catch a cold,
The morning exercises all people do.
To pay the fine, go on charging.
Let us and we will do the charging.
"So, we don't get sick,
And not to catch a cold,
We were charged
Will do. (walking in a circle one behind the other)
To grow us strong,
Agile and brave
Every morning
We do exercises. (torso twists)
Toward the sun his hands raised (Hands Up)
Up! Drop!
Together, fun, step, step
To squat! To get up! - squats
And not a bit tired. "
With the aim of strengthening health morning exercise.
Here the petal. The teacher together with children coming to the "Kingdom of microbes" and attach the petal.
6 - setting
Let's remember the rules of a healthy lifestyle.
(On the table are pictures, each choice takes a snapshot and tells you what to do to avoid getting sick.)
- to respect the day: sleep, walks, proper nutrition;
- only eat washed fruits and vegetables;
not to drink soft drinks and tap water;
- to play sports ;
- always wash hands before eating, after toilet, after a walk;
- eat and drink only from clean utensils;
- to observe the rules of hygiene of the body;
- when sneezing or coughing mouth and nose with a handkerchief to cover;
don't forget to do the cleaning and airing of premises;
- to give up bad habits.
Each firm must know:
Health must be preserved.
We have to eat right
Need to do sports
Wash your hands before eating,
Brush your teeth, to harden,
And always make friends with the water.
That's when everything in the world will long to live.
And remember that health is not in the store to buy.
The flower of health helped to destroy the Kingdom of microbes.
A call from Friends, with gratitude.
Thanks guys, I recovered! How great to be healthy! I prepared a small gift, treat your body with the vitamins that live in these fruits.
Children: thank you for the delicious and healthy treat.

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