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Abstract classes in valueology "Clean-the guarantee of health" 2018
2016-04-29, 22:40:14

Ask questions:
"What makes sunshine? "the answers: "Gets up, smiles greet";
"What is it? "the answers: "Tender, yellow, tender, huge."
Say, "Smile sunshine, smile to each other, smile at me and soon our day will be more fun".
The game is performed with palms:
"We Pat the nose and cheeks, we will be beautiful like the flowers in the garden! We are gonna wipe her hands harder, harder. Now let's hear it for bolder, more courageous. Ears we now grate and health preserving. Well done! ".
"The sun looked in the crib, one, two, three, four, five. All we exercise, we need to sit down and stand up. Arms extend wider one, two, three, four, five, bend - three, four and jump. On toe, then on the heel. Together make some exercises".
Children sit. A knock at the door. Includes bear. Children in unison: "Hello bear! ". Bear: "Hello children. Help me to find out what items in my bag. Why do they need? I found this bag in the woods, and what to do with these items, don't know."
I say: "Get bear, get your found items one by one."
1. Bear pulls out the soap.
Questions: "What is it? What does it need? ". The children answer: "It is soap to wash hands".
Question: "And when we wash our hands? The children answer: "We wash hands before eating, after classes in drawing, sculpting, after a walk, after using the toilet, after petting animals."
I continue: "But yesterday you went for a walk, came in, undressed and immediately ran to the table! We did the right thing? Because we have dirty hands, wash. Bear, see and do with us, learn to wash their hands".
Read the poem:
"The faucet is open, the nose on your face.
Wash both eyes!
Wash ears, wash up the neck.
Wash up the neck is good.
Wash up, wash up, oblivia,
dirt flushed away, flushed away the dirt! "
Ask questions to the children: "Sasha Gurov, show me how you know how to wash their hands? Fernando, how are you able to wash? Marry, show me how to properly wash my face and hands? "
2. Bear pulls out a towel.
Questions: "What is it? What to do with it? "the answers: "It's a towel. Is it necessary to wipe the face, hands, dry.
Question: "What is it? "the answer: "Soft, fluffy, large.
I speak: "Children, towel is a very personal thing, everyone should have their own towel, not someone else's use".
Question: "you each have a towel? "the answer is: "Yes, there is."
Question: "And you, Teddy bear, got a towel? "the answer is "No."
I said, "Then we'll give it to you, you'll need it".
3. Bear pulls out a comb.
Questions: "What is it? Why is it necessary? ". Answers: "It's a comb. She need to comb that hair was OK. The comb also needs to be at everyone".
4. Bear pulls out the toothpaste and toothbrush.
Questions: "what's that? "the answers: "This toothpaste and toothbrush to brush my teeth."
Question: "what do you think, children, how many times a day to brush your teeth? "the answer: "twice a day, morning and evening."

Question: "why should you brush your teeth? "the answer: "To keep your teeth healthy, white.
I say: "So, bear, and toothpaste, and a brush take for yourself, all these things will be useful to you! But look, kids like bear washes his face, combs his hair, brushes his teeth. All this he does with the mood, with a smile!"
Then, I say, "And now we need to hurry to get dressed and go to kindergarten. In kindergarten ready nutritious and healthy Breakfast for you."
Ask questions: "On the street come autumn. In the garden ripe vegetables, and garden – fruit. Name them? Let's bring vegetables and fruits to the kitchen, from vegetables to lunch we will make a delicious salad, and fruit will cook useful, vitamin compote".
Turn to Bear: "And now, bear, we'll prepare a gift in memory".
Make the application of vegetables and fruits. Distribute baskets color: blue – plum, green – cucumber, red – Apple, yellow – turnip.
Bid farewell to bear and go for a walk.

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