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Abstract classes in valueology "Proper nutrition-the guarantee of health" 2018
2016-04-29, 22:25:15

The lesson:
Teacher: Children, today our conversation will focus on proper nutrition. Tell me, can a person live without food?
Children: no!
Teacher: What time can but just a little bit. What would a person well grew and developed, he needs to eat every day-eat. And what eats people
Children: Meat, fish, milk, vegetables.
Teacher: But animals eat?

Children: Yes!
Teacher: Right, guys! Eat people, animals, birds, insects. Every organism, from the smallest to adult - requires a power source. Once the power ceases to act in a timely manner for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, our body weakens. Why is this happening? Yes, because foods contain nutrients that help our bodies grow and develop. Guys, what nutrients do you know?
Children: Vitamins.
Teacher: In many products contain different vitamins. And each vitamin has its own name and the house where they live. And we now see what foods have the vitamins and what.
Exhibited pictures of food.
Vitamin a: Discussion of in what foods is vitamin a and why the body needs this vitamin.
Vitamin D.
Vitamin E.
Teacher: Guys, everyone has their own favorite food. Name your favorite food.
Children: the children's responses.
Teacher: Guys, what do you think will happen if we will have some sweets, cakes, cake, ice cream.
Children: Sore teeth, stomachs.
Teacher: that's Right folks, in order that you grew up strong and healthy kids, you need to consume a variety of foods, not just sweet and delicious. This is called "proper" or "healthy eating". But health still depends on how many moves people. Let's you and I move.
Visminda: We will not conform
Together, more fun.
Our feet tapped,
Together, more fun
Clap on knees
Hush, hush, hush
Our knobs go up
Higher, higher, higher
Our handles are spun
Below fell
Spun, spun
And stopped.
There is a girl Marry
Girl:Hello guys, nice to see you!
Children: Hello, who are you?
Girl: my name is Maria, I came to visit you, to talk about their country Healthy.No one there when not sick, it's beautiful and strong.
Teacher: why do you have no pain?
Girl: Yes, because we all eat right and exercise
Teacher: Oh, and you might not be able to talk about proper nutrition. After all, our children want to be healthy and maintain their health for a long time.
Girl: With pleasure. Want to know what I eat?
Children: Yes!
Girl: Then guess riddles?
1. Must have young and old alike
Always a vegetable (salad)

2 Is slender and high
Those who drink fruit (juice)
3. You know the cow is not easy
Do children (milk)

4. Know firmly from childhood Bob,
On the table above all the (bread)

5. This fruit taste good
And for a similar bulb (pear)

Girl: well Done guys, all the puzzles were solved. And you use these products?
Children: Yes!
Teacher: Of Course Mary. We in kindergarten chefs prepare delicious porridge, meatballs and soup. Today we are going to cook fruit salad. It is called "Vitamin".To do this, we'll take a fresh Apple and carrot. We will grate them on the grater in a different Cup, then mix the Apple, carrot and add sugar. Our salad is ready. Now I propose to try the salad which you have prepared for yourself.
Girl: Well, well done guys, you have to eat right and save your health for a long time. And I have to leave, but in parting I will tell you "the Golden rules of nutrition", remember them and will always be healthy:
1. Eat at the same time, freshly-prepared food.
2. Chew your food well, do not rush to swallow.
3. Vegetables and fruits – Golden products.
4. A thousand sweets, and one's health.
Marry leaves.
Teacher: Guys, what you can eat, and what not.
Children: do Not eat a lot of greasy, salty, not a lot of overeating, we should eat more vegetables and fruits. There is a need at the same time.
Teacher: Guys, tell me what products I love, in the land of the Children: Fish, salad, vegetables, fruits, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, porridge.
Teacher: Well Done! What would you grow healthy, strong and agile, you need to eat right. Exercise, sports and to respect the day.
In life we need Fruits, vegetables for Breakfast
A lot of vitamins, it is like children
All now are countless. From healthy diet
We need more Cheeks is already flush
Meat, vegetables and fruits –
Natural products
But the chips, know, always,
This unhealthy food.
Teacher: Guys, our conversation came to an end. Thank you!

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