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Abstract classes "journey to the land of Emotions" 2018
2016-03-06, 15:17:44

Objective: consolidate knowledge of children about the basic human emotions (joy, fear, surprise, anger) .
Activities: subgroup

Stage 1 – organizational
The aim is the development of children, creating a positive emotional attitude, the development of communication skills.
   Children stand in a circle.
- Hello, guys. I'm glad to see you! What's your mood? (Children's responses). I invite you to greet each other in unusual ways. We will be passing the ball to each other, to say our names and what we enjoy. I'll start, my name is Albina Alexandrovna, I am very happy, when it's Sunny weather (the kids call their name and what they enjoy)
Stage 2 - introduction to the situation
    Guys, today we came to visit the girl Alice, she is very sad, look. The evil witch has enchanted her, and now she forgot all the emotions: not able to wonder, to fear, to rejoice and even be angry! How can we help Alice? (children's responses)
- I suggest you to go to the land of Emotions and help Alice to return emotions. Are you ready? (children's responses)
-Then I'll say a magic spell and we will be the country of Emotions.

In the hands of the stick will take
Magic I'll call,
Miracle in guests come to us,
In the land of Emotions will carry.
Stage 3 – practical
- Here we are in the land of Emotions! To help Alice to return all the emotions we need to move the city of surprise, to cross the sea of anger, to overcome the mountain of fear and to get to the island of Joy. Do you think we'll manage? (children's responses)
- To visit the city of surprise, let's find all images with the emotion of surprise. Tell me guys, have you ever wondered? What surprised you? (children's responses). Show how you are amazed. Now let's draw the emotion of surprise.
(the psychologist gives the children cards with contour images of girls and boys without faces, and various icons, children choose the right, and draw it out) .
- Look, Alice also learned to be surprised! Well done!
Guys, in order to cross the sea of anger, we need to get rid of it. What do you think, what people can be mad? (children's responses). Show how you're angry? Let's try to banish anger. First you get loud in the "glass" for screaming, now skokem paper, really, really throw it! (children shouting in the cups, then crumple the paper and throw it away)
- Well done, guys, drove out the anger! Look, Alice has also obtained!
We all overcame a lot of difficulties and very tired, I suggest you relax a bit and relax.
(the psychologist invites the children to sit on pillows in bubble columns, includes soft music, bubble column and dims the light)
- You rested? (children's responses) Well, go on - to overcome the mountain of fear!
- To overcome fear, we will draw him (children paint your own). Now you can turn the horror into something laughable, to finish the picture! Let's make fear bow, or a colored cap (children can fill in the fear funny details)
- Look, guys, Alice was also scared when she was drawing. So we completely get rid of the fear, let's draw it in the cloud and help him to fly (children draw around fear of the cloud) .
Psychologist includes a seashell with a smoke dims the light. When the smoke increases, blow away his children.
- Well done, guys coped with all the tests! We got to the island of Joy. Look how joyful was Alice, she's very grateful to you for what you have helped her regain emotions, and brought you gifts! (children receive gifts)
- And we ought to go back to kindergarten. Ready? Then I read the spell:
In the hands of the stick will take
Magic I'll call,
Miracle in guests come to us,
In kindergarten all of us will return.
Stage 4 – reflective
- Let us remember what emotions we helped Alice to return?
(kids remember)
The ritual of farewell
Exercise "Relay race of good mood"
- And now it's time to say goodbye, let's hold hands and pass around the circle shaking hands "good mood", I'll pass your good mood Vlad, Vlad, Maxim, etc. (children transmit handshake)
- I feel good mood became more so as each of us added a piece of their. Let the good mood does not leave you. Goodbye!

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