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Abstract classes of the teacher-psychologist for children of middle group of the "Polite request" 2018
2016-03-06, 21:43:13

Objective: to acquaint children with various forms of expression, the requests addressed to someone (a friend, a stranger, the same age) in different situations: at home, on the street, in public places.

The course lessons.
Psychologist: Hello guys, I am pleased to welcome you to our new lesson. Let's welcome each other and tell about your mood.
The activity "My mood"
The players in turn say, at what time of year, natural phenomenon, weather, like their current mood. To start a comparison better an adult: "My mood is like a white fluffy cloud in the calm blue sky, and you? "The exercise is conducted in a circle. (At the end of the exercise, the psychologist summarizes the mood of the whole group: sad, happy, funny, angry, etc.)
Psychologist: And now guys, listen to the story "Please, please"
Read story
Mother bear had two cubs. Top daughter and son Toptyzhka. Once, mother brought the bear home interesting and bright cards. She wanted to examine them and Topoi and Toptyzhka, but Toptyzhka wasn't home, so momma bear sat on a comfortable sofa with Topoi and began to show her cards. The top loved the colorful graphics on the cards, and she admired it.
Suddenly back Toptyzhka, he saw mom and Topoi consider cards, got angry, ran up to him, and snatched from the clutches of the cards.
- I'm curious too! Give me cards! I'll watch them myself! cried Toptyzhka.
Mom was very angry at the Toptyzhka and very sternly said to his son: "You, Toptyzhka, first learn how to ask for it, but then come watch with us postcards" and took the cards back.
Toptyzhka of course very upset, but went to the Pope in order to learn how to politely ask to see cards. And dad told Toptyzhka that there is such polite words as please, please, let me, I beg you, could you, which help to politely go and ask politely. Toptyzhka remember all the polite words and again went to her mother and sister.
"Mom, Topa, let me see your cards, please! , "said Toptyzhka.
"But that's another matter. Toptyzhka sit down with us," said mother, and together they continued to consider postcards.
Questions to the story: 1. Guys, what polite words you learned from the story? 2. What do you mean politely ask, or politely contact? 3. Do you think that would be allowed if the mother bear the Toptyzhka to look through the cards, if he again politely said to her?
Psychologist: And now we're children turn into bears and do exercises.
Physical Exercises "Bears"
Psychologist: well Done, we again become children and continue our lesson. Sit children in a circle, we are going to learn being polite to each other.
Exercise "Polite request"
Children sit in a circle and take turns to treat each other with a polite request.
Psychologist: Liked or not liked, you guys, our lesson? You will be polite to ask your friends, family and other people? Let's get in a circle. Let's take each other's hands, we will smile and say to each other thank you for this meeting.
Exercise "Thank You"
Children stand in a circle, take each other hands and together say THANK you.
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