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Abstract classes on valeology "From a simple soap and water the germs melting power!" 2018
2016-05-04, 00:30:18

The course of educational activities:
- Children, how great that you helped me to collect pictures. Let's see and find out what these pictures depict. (Illustration: clean hands and dirty hands) .
- And you know what is dangerous dirty hands? (Children's responses). (On the dirty hands of live microbes). Do you know anything about germs? (Children's responses) .
- Germs are very tiny creatures that simply can not see. They can be seen only under a microscope to show the children the microbe) .
- When germs are outside the body, they do not cause harm to humans, but once they get inside, they begin to infect us.
- Tell me, how the microbes get to us inside the body? (Children's responses). (Dirty hands, not washed vegetables and fruits) .
- What to do to prevent germs come in the body? (Children's responses). (Wash hands before eating, after using the toilet, after a walk) .
- Guys, look now at your hands. How do you think they clean or dirty? (Children's responses). And let's check this against the experience with treated potatoes (the Kids pass each other peeled potatoes in a circle) .
Experience with treated potatoes.
- Will today's potatoes? What she became? It is possible to eat? (Children's responses) .
- Microbes are not only on dirty hands and objects. They are live and in person and can get from one person to another. How does it happen? (Sneezing and coughing). This method is called direct transmission. When people sneeze without closing your mouth, the germs fly for 10 meters. Let's play a game - sneezing and inspired. A sneeze will throw the "balls-germs" and have inspired from them to Dodge. Who gets the ball-microbe", that is out of the game.
The game is "Sneezing and inspired".
- Oh, heavy had inspired. What you need to do to the germs didn't spread? (Children's responses) .
- There is another method of germ transmission is not direct, but through personal belongings. What belongings? (Children's responses). Just imagine that you sneezed into a handkerchief, and took your friend what might happen with your friend? (Children's responses).
- Personal belongings so you can not transfer for use to anyone else.
The physical activities and training. (Motion)
Pours clean water,
We know how to wash themselves.
Tooth powder take
Hard brush teeth three,
My neck, hands, ears,
After vitresa drier.
- Children, what you know toiletries, which help a person to be clean? What would you guess it was easier to guess the riddles. (Children's responses) .
Escapes as a living,
But will not release it to me.
White foam foams,
Hand wash is not lazy.
Double, fragrant,
Soft, fluffy.
Loves the water soak through,
Where that wet – wipe.
- What else do you need in order to wash my hands? (Children's responses). (Water) .
- Now I want you to sit at the tables and remember the sequence of hand washing.
• roll up sleeves
• to open the crane
• take soap
• lather hands (lather; wash not only hands, but also the back of hands, between fingers – "scope glove") .
• wash off the dirty foam from hands
• close the tap
• dry your hands with a towel
• check for dry hands, and if necessary, wipe carefully.
The teacher lays out the cards of the hand wash on the table and invited the children create a sequence of hand washing.
The game "Yes – no"
- when he came from the street – you can take the toys without washing their hands?
- if an Apple fell on the floor, bring it up immediately and eat?
- You can wash your hands, when we sit down to dinner?
- And the hands can be washed with soap and water?
- What shall we make of the conclusion? (Children's responses) .
From simple water and soap
The germs-melting power!

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