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Abstract environmental health "herbs in autumn forest" (preparatory group) 2018
2016-05-07, 15:04:06

Program objectives:
-exercise in naming and difference of trees: the trunk and the leaves;
-consolidate children's knowledge about herbs, the ability to distinguish their appearance, taste, smell, their medicinal purpose;
-to foster respect and love for nature, desire to protect it.

Materials: Models of trees, leaves from trees, medicinal herbs, basket
Methodical recommendations.
1. The reading of works of art about autumn
2. Story-telling, conversation "Medicinal plants"
3. Observation on the walk for plants.
4. The study of medicinal plants.

The progress of the class.
(children sit on chairs)

Teacher: Children, today we will embark on a journey in the autumn woods. For this we need to close the eyes and listen.
(sounds audio record "the noise of the forest")
Teacher: Open the eyes and the guys where we were? (answer children)
Teacher: Listen to the noise of the forest, and as he is handsome. Guys, tell me, please, trees that grow in the forest? (answers of children)
Teacher: a Lot of different trees in the forest grows, that's right, you called them.
And how can they be distinguished?
Children: the branches, the leaves, the trunk.
Teacher: well Done, guys, do you know what the tree is called sweet? (answers of children)
Teacher: that's Right, honey acacia is a tree, often can be seen as above the flying bees.
- What kind of tree is always green? what tree decorating once a year?
(answers of children)
Teacher: Right, it's tree. And what tree I will now describe. The barrel had white, branches thin, wavy, branchy, the leaves a tender green, with small serratures, there are still earrings. (answers of children)
Teacher: well Done, of course it's birch. Or maybe someone knows a poem about this tree?
Child: I Love the English birch then a light, then sad.
In a white sundress, with kerchiefs in the pockets.
With beautiful clasps.
Love her elegant, dear, beloved.
Teacher: And what tree once a year his clothes off? (answers of children)
- That's right, a sycamore tree, in late winter, it sheds a stream of bark?
Teacher: Oh, guys, look, and here someone leaves scattered. Guys, let's call what kind of tree these leaves. (answers of children)
We become strong trees, large feet, to place on the width of the Legs is, the roots will put them wider. shoulders, hands on waist.
To keep the tree to fall were not given, a clenched fist to put on etc.
From distant depths, the water got - to bend, to fold their hands to straighten up.
Our body is the trunk of a large - open palms to hold the body
He barely swaying - swaying from side to side.
And its apex acute - to portray your hands over the roof of the house,
rests in the sky - to raise the hand link up.
fingers twigs will to move my fingers
Leaves their close - covering movement
how come after summer autumn is to move hands,
Scatter the leaves in an instant. - sit down.
Teacher: Here we rested, and now let's continue our journey.
(sounds an audio recording of "voices of birds")
Teacher: Guys, look, where are we now? (Answers of children)
Teacher: Right in the meadow. Look, someone lost a basket, let's see what's in it. Yes there is grass, and which they, you know (answers of children)
- right, it's mint. And she medical?
Children: treatment, cures throat, she from colds, calms the nerves.
Teacher: right, well done. And is that grass? (Answers of children)
Teacher: Right, plantain. And how it helps us?
Children: heals wounds, stomach.
Caregiver: Yes, if someone cut my hand, it is necessary to wash and apply to the wound, then it heals faster.
- Guys, what is this flowers? (answers of children)
Teacher: Right, the thyme, and it than helps?
Children: He is from a cold, cures cough.
Teacher: Guys, herb medicinal drink not only from diseases but also for prevention. Guys, look, what plants the bunch and why is it useful?
Children: Kalina, it has a lot of vitamins.
Teacher: well Done, many plants not only beautify the forest and the clearing, but they bring great benefit to people - they treat them.
- And what do you know medicinal plants? (answers of children)
Teacher: And now let's continue our journey and take the basket with you, maybe on the way to meet the owner.
Grandma: Oh, what the guests arrived! For a long time probably travel a little bit tired. So please, have a seat. I'll give you tea, but it's not simple, it is medicinal. You try to guess what it was made. (answers of children)
- Oh, well done. I am in the woods lost his basket, have you seen her?
Teacher: Yes, here it is grandma, we took
Grandma: Guys, now let's get tea with bagels for drinking.
Teacher: Kids, let's seem thanks to your grandmother for her delicious tea, for its hospitality. We have the time to go back to kindergarten, let's again close our eyes and count to three, open. Here we are again with you in our group.

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