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Abstract experimental activities Experiments with snow, water and ice 2018
2016-02-19, 11:37:29

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To familiarize children with the properties of ice and snow (hard, soft, cool, melts in heat, turns to water)
To develop attention, mental activity, the ability to make simple conclusions.
Vocabulary work:
Activation dictionary (ice, ice, icicles) .
The surprising point, the game, questions, survey items, the simplest experiments, the story of the caregiver.
Equipment: Snowman (toy, glass bowls, snow ball, ice cubes, trays, napkins, paint, water, colored geometric figures, colored ice)

Teacher: Hello guys! Let's see who came to visit us? (Children see Snowman). Snowman wants to meet you, just take the Snowman "magic snow". To whom shall he fall into the hands, he will say their name and say a wish Snowman.
Game — wish.
Well done guys, now let's go to our mini-lab. (Children sit down)
Teacher:Guys, remember, to visit us came the "drop"? "Snowman" is her brother and she told him how good you are and how you helped her last time to learn about the properties of water. Now the "Snowman" came to us to learn new and interesting things.
Guys, look, each of you are geometric shapes, let's remember what this figure. (show a red square) . What is the figure? (Square) . What color is the square? (Red) . Well done. (Show the yellow rectangle) And let's see what kind of figure? (A rectangle) What color is the rectangle? (Yellow) . Well done guys. Now let's define, shall we see our figures through the snow and through the ice. (put pieces of cardboard, put one on top of the snow, the ice on the other.) . What can you say guys? (Through the ice we see the figure and through the snow - no) . Right, so what can we say about ice? (Transparent ice) ., well done, and the snow? (Snow is not transparent, the snow has color, snow white color) . Right guys, what are you fellows. What color is our "Snowman"? (White) .
Physical exercises:
It's snowing, it's snowing. (raise hands in the top)
The janitor sweeps the street (making the characteristic movements of the broom)
Party people go (walk in place)
Cheer up, cheer up! (walk in place)
Teacher: Guys, we already know that water takes any color that we paint. Let's do water and freeze it in color. What we need to do whatever water is frozen? (we need to make it on a frost). (Paint the water, pour into molds and stand in the cold) .
Physical exercises: (su-Jok)
I ball circles roll,
Back and forth chasing him.
I them Pat the palm.
If I'm sweeping away crumbs,
And squeeze it a little,
As compresses cat paw,
Each finger will press the ball,
And another hand will start.

Teacher: Guys, let's still with you, let's see what will happen to ice if we put it on the palm wearing the glove and on the palm without mittens. (watch as the ice melts on the palm without mittens, conclude that ice melts when warm.) .
Oh, where did all our ice? (melted) what they have become? (in the water) . Why have they melted? (because heat) . But you do not worry, "the Snowman has prepared a surprise for you. (the teacher pulls out a box, which are multi-colored icicles) . Guys, we painted the water and brought it to freeze, and the Snowman has already brought us ice.
Guys, let us recall the Snowman, what have we learned today. (transparent ice, the water freezes in the cold, ice and snow melts from the heat) . Oh, guys, and our Snowman we also snow, he needs more likely to run into the street until it melted. Goodbye, Snowman. We wish you all a frosty.

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