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Abstract for educational areas "Cognition" for preschool children "the medical Profession" 2018
2016-06-09, 22:57:51

Objective: to Introduce children to the medical profession, to learn to find a way out of a problem situation, to fix the names of medical instruments and their purpose.

Equipment: a doll doctor, a letter, a suitcase with medical instruments, the doll dunno, images of "kindergarten", "Hospitals", the split images with medical instruments, vitamins.

The lesson:
1. Organizational moment.
He sits under a tree,
Come to him for treatment
And the cow and the she-wolf,
And bug, and worm,
And dipper!
All cure, heal
The good doctor.
(doctor,) .

2. The surprising moment.
(You hear a knock on the door comes, the doll is the doctor, holding her suitcase and the letter, the teacher puts the doll on the chair next to him) .

- Guys, who's here to visit? (Answers of children, the doctor) .

- What makes a doctor? (Answers of children, treats people) .

- Guys, look what kind of medical bag have with our doctor. You wonder what lies there? Let's see, but only with the permission of the doctor. (considering the contents of the suitcase, refers to the tools and say what he needed) .

- Guys, there are a lot of different doctors. For example, an ophthalmologist treats us ears, nose, throat. Ophthalmologist - treats eye, doctor surgeon does surgery when necessary.

3. Didactic game "That confused dunno".

- Guys doll - the doctor came to visit us with some sort of letter. Let's see what is written there, but with the permission of the doctor.

(read the children the letter) .

"Dear children! I ask you to help me! Dunno confused all the medical tools with toys. Help me toys to place on the shelves in the kindergarten, and medical instruments on shelves in the hospital. Thank you very much for the help! "

(Children put the pictures on the instructions, the teacher sums up, whether all correctly made the children) .

4. physical a minute.

- And to be healthy, you need every day to do exercises. Let us and we with you will play.

I came to the physical a minute Fox: (walking)

"Oh, I got bit by a wasp! "(hands up)

And came to the doctor's watchdog: (marching)

"I was hen pecked in the nose" (a forward bend)

All cure, heal (doing tilts

The good doctor! left, right) .

5. The game of "Fold the picture".

- Guys, the letter is another request for you.

"Dear children! I'm in a hurry, but I still need to stack these images, one me not to cope. Can you help me? Thank you very much for your help".

(Children come to the tables and collect the split images, is called the subject and what is it for) .

6. The conclusion of the lesson.

Doctor: - thank you very much, guys, for your help. But I'm in a hurry to the hospital, and these vitamins do for your health!

(Guys escorted the doll is the doctor, and the caregiver treats children with vitamins) .

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