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Abstract in painting in the second younger group "Dandelions in the grass" 2018
2016-06-02, 20:01:21

Objective: to Consolidate the techniques of drawing colours; the ability to rinse gently brush. Create the desire to transmit in the figure, the beauty of flowering meadows in the form of flowers. To develop aesthetic perception, creative imagination.
Preliminary work: Reading poems about the flowers, seeing pictures about the colors. Monitoring of dandelions on a walk.

Material: an easel, a sample picture, an illustration of a dandelion. Gouache, brush for painting, brush for glue, bristle, napkins, cups of water, sheets of paper

Move directly to educational activities.
Teacher: Listen to the poem about a flower and tell what it is called:
Only the sun warmed the earth,
Beside the path in a row
Flowers dressed up
Your Sunny outfit.
Bask in the sun,
Bathe in the dew,
Shine like stars,
In short, the grass.
Time passes by and the flower,
Turned into a bubble!
Blew softly on it
- And in the palm of your hand is not it!
Children: The Dandelion.
Teacher: Right, it's a dandelion. Our dandelion is of a yellow jacket. Grow up, arrayed in a white dress. Let's look at the picture. What is the dandelion?
Children: Beautiful, yellow, round.
Teacher: let's See what his stalk, long, green. And yet there are dandelion leaves. What color are they?
Children: green
Teacher: What is dandelion?
Children: stem, leaves, flower.
Teacher: why do we need flowers?
Children: To snapshots.
Teacher: Yes, to admire, but not only. Flowers need insects. Flowers are part of nature. Bright corollas of flowers hidden winged food gourmands. There are a lot of pollen, which feed on the insects part. There are light drops of sweet juice - nectar.
In green grass yellow dandelions look very pretty. A lot of them, but it is not necessary to pluck them. Dandelions will not stand in the vase, they will die.
We are going today to draw a dandelion in the grass. But before you paint we will do physical activities and training. Dandelion, dandelion!
(Squat, then slowly rise)
The stem is as thin as a finger.
If the wind is fast-fast
(Scatter in different directions)
On clearing the fly,
Everything around you will begin to rustle.
(Say "sh-sh-sh-sh-sh")
Dandelion stamens,
Scatter dance
(Hold hands and go around the circle)
And will merge with the sky.
Teacher: Now it's time to go into the Studio and draw a dandelion. What do we need?
Children: brush, paper, paint.
Teacher: Right, here's paper and a brush nearby. Open the yellow gouache paint and dry brush the cap of a dandelion. It is round. Then we paint the stalk with the tip of the brush for drawing. Stem slender, green. What else forgot to paint?
Children: leaves.
Teacher: Right, green leaves. They are long. Here are the (show how to draw) .
Dandelions growing in the grass. Therefore, we will draw more weed. Look at his drawings. What beautiful dandelions you've done it. Make drawings of the exhibition. We get a large dandelion meadow.
Suddenly steel paint – colors
Illuminated all around!
In a new yellow sundress
Dandelion meadow.

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