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Abstract mathematics "up to 8" 2018
2016-03-07, 05:39:42

Goal: familiarity with the ordinal value of the number
Educational objectives:
- continue to learn to read within 8 in English and Chuvash languages;
- learn to compare objects by two attributes size (length, width, height)
- learn to identify the results of the comparison words: longer, wider, shorter, already, between, left-right;
Educational objectives:
- to form positive motivation to participate in educational activities.
- to strengthen the knowledge of traffic rules (the ability to cross the road at traffic lights) ;
- to educate and goodwill to all road users.
Educational objectives:
- to develop observation, attention, imagination.

The course of the educational activity:
The tutor (in a group) :
Guys, today I received a letter from residents of Traffic light. Would you like to know what is written there? (Yes.) Let me open this up and read! (Reads letter.) :
"Dear children of the group "the birch". We, the residents of a puppet town "Traffic light", we invite you to visit us on a tour. Come. We are waiting for you! ".
- Come on, guys, we'll go to visit them? (Yes.)
The children followed the teacher up the "train" and get down to the music room.
Included in the music hall, you come to the traffic light.
Teacher: Look what is in our way? (Answers of children.) To get to the city Traffic lights we need to cross the road (Zebra). Let's remember the rule about the lights.
Red light – there is no road,
Yellow light – get ready,
Green light – the path is open.

The traffic light lit green eyes, then ignores us! (children cross the road on a Zebra) .
Teacher: Here we were in the city of Traffic light. Look, guys, it is so interesting here! What do you see here? (Answers of children.)
Let's see what are the different height of the house.
- Where is the highest building? Show!
- Where the lowest house? Show!
- Show the same height of the house!
- What's that house? (children's responses). Right, average.
- What are the houses worth an average house? (children's responses) .
Well, we leave the street of Houses.
Teacher: let's take a walk down the town! Here we were on the street Traffic Signs. How many road signs do you see? Let us count the ways! (The account.)
Now try to count on the Chuvash language.
What road signs look familiar to you? (Answers of children.)
Guys, look there are signs of blue and red. What do they mean? (Red – prohibiting, blue – warning). What was that street? (the answers"
Teacher: Go ahead! Here we were on Transport the street.
Have a look how a lot of cars here. Out of how many?
And what cars are on the right side? (the answers) .
And which on the left side? (answers)
Any cars anymore:
Which account is the biggest truck? (answers)
What other machines do you know? (ambulance, fire, police, gas is special) .
Show-and-tell on the projector.
Teacher: can you Guys hear, the music (a tune with whistles.) . I guess the Puppet residents of the street. put on some music. Let's take a walk there. The dolls have good mood. Want to dance? Then the girls get dolls and boys toys. (Accompanied by cheerful music, the children take the dolls into the hands, together with the tutor perform random dance movements to the music.)
Teacher: Guys I doll Diana whispered in your ear that she wants with her friends to make new hairstyles. Let's help the dolls? (Yes.)
The teacher brings the children to the dolls to the table with the ribbons of different lengths
Teacher: let's See guys how they are different. (Under discussion) .
Veronica loves your doll the widest, longest ribbon. And Lisa, your doll likes a little bit already and a little shorter than the ribbon. (Given similar instructions to other children on other ribbons.) Let's put the dolls and decorate them! (Kids show off their dolls ribbons, explaining them) .And you boys help the girls.
Teacher: Guys, let's get dolls and we'll play a game of "Traffic light". The puppets will look at us, and then will play this interesting game (the game).
Game description: Children perform movements in accordance with raised flag. Green box children marching on the spot, yellow is jumping on the spot, red - stop.
Teacher: Guys, that came our tour of the city Traffic light to an end. It is time for us to return.
-Did you enjoy your excursion to the city of Traffic light?
-What streets were we?
-What do you remember most?

Teacher: let's go now to the group and write a letter to the inhabitants of the town of Traffic light. We thank them for what they us invited.

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