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Abstract My pedigree. Family tree" 2018
2016-05-09, 16:50:02

creating conditions for cognitive and constructive activities for children in the course of acquaintance with a family tree.
Objectives:     Educational area of "Cognitive development"
• to introduce children to the concepts of "genealogy" and "family tree", "generation";
• learning to make coherent stories about your family on the basis of the genealogical tree;
• to expand the understanding of "family" to increase knowledge about their close relatives;

Educational area "Speech development"
• a dictionary of nouns denoting family members, and qualitative adjectives and verbs on the topics "Family", "Profession".
Materials and equipment: the layout of a family tree; a pitcher of water for the game;
Preliminary work: Learning the name, patronymic, profession and place of work of their parents and grandparents.
2. Talk with children about the "family tree", "pedigree" of the family and its members.
3. Looking at family photo albums.
4. Joint activities of children with parents on compiling a "family tree".
5. Riddles on the theme of "Family."
6. Drawing "With whom I live."
7. Preparing children stories about family members under the scheme.

The course of joint activities
1. Organizational moment.
- Guys, let's stand in a circle formed around them.
Show your palms.
RUB them against each other.
Press your palms to the heart. What do you feel? (answers of children)
Is a warm kind hands and kind souls. We provide their heat, their hands to their relatives and loved ones and say:
The day breaks, sun rises.
We are going in a good way go.
Together for us join hands and each other smile.
2. The main part
Teacher: what do you think, what is family? (answers of children)
- Who can be a family member, strangers or relatives?
(only relatives) .
How are members of the same family, together or separately?
(together, the grandparents can live separately) .
-Do all family members live at the same time? Prove it.
-Let us stand in a circle and remember the finger-type gymnastics "Family":
One, two, three, four
Who lives in our apartment?
One, two, three, four, five
You can count;
Father, mother, brother, sister.
Grandma and grandpa,
Murka the cat, two kittens
My Warbler, goldfinch and I
That's my whole family!
Children sit on the seats. On the easel is the model of a genealogical tree.
The story of the caregiver.
From ancient times people tried to preserve for future generations the memory of their relatives. Since there were many of them, but it was necessary all to remember, people decided to write their names in a special notebook, to then transfer this information to their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. These records were called "bloodlines". And then people have come up to sketch your "pedigree" in a tree view (show a family tree, where the leaves and branches of portrayed generations and family members. Thus, many generations of relatives remained in the memory of posterity for many years, even for centuries. And the tree that became known as the "family tree".
Examining a family tree.
(children consider the layout of the "family tree") .
- Children, look at the easel tree. The size of the leaves at the top and which the bottom?
At the top is small. And at the bottom - large. Top is your portrait iwashi brothers and sisters.
-The next generation of your family – your parents – who is this? Mom and dad. They were born before you.
-To mom and dad was a generation grandparents. They lived earlier.
-Does anyone have any great-grandparents?
- Guys, your family as this tree, and every family member a piece of paper.
-Listen to the word "Family" - "I Seven".
-Who else is in Your family? (answers of children)
. Agile didactic game "the kindness Jar".
-I have a jug with magic water of kindness. It will help us better relate to the members of his family and do good things.
–Children, come all to the pitcher. Each of you can say water to your family. Water is on our Land everywhere. Wherever members of your family, they will definitely get your lovely wishes.
Children in turn I wish his family all the best.
-The water got very good energy.
The teacher gives everyone the magic water and children drink.
Teacher: Guys, what you need to do to in your family all have a happy mood? (answers of children)
- I wish you and your family to always be in a good mood, always to help and support each other, and most importantly to love and respect his family.

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