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Abstract of the study "Familiarity with the number 4. Geometric shapes" 2018
2016-03-07, 05:11:45

Objective: explore the formation of the number "4". Improving the perception of children about the form of objects.
Objectives: to Show the children the formation of the number "4", to learn to read within "4", to answer the question "how many? "
To develop the skills of oral accounts in the range "4" Improvement ideas about the form of objects; symbol word shape of real objects.
To develop logical thinking, attention.
Materials and equipment: toys 4 animals (hedgehog, rabbit, squirrel, bear, cheesecake.
Bag of toys: a ball, a cube, pyramid, Apple, carrot, Christmas tree. Three large geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle.

Children sit on chairs set in a semicircle.
Guys! I'll tell you an interesting story, one day the hedgehog invited all her friends, listen to my riddles and guess who was invited to the hedgehog :
Long ear,
Ball of fluff,
Jumps cleverly,
Loves carrots. (Hare.)
The teacher shows children a toy hare
On a branch not the bird
Fur, as warm as a heating pad.
Who is it
The teacher shows children a toy squirrel
He all winter in a fur coat slept,
Paw brown sucked,
And woke up and started crying
This forest beast -
(the bear)
The teacher shows children a toy bear.
- Guys, do you like to entertain guests? (The children agree and are talking with the caregiver as they receive guests at home.)
Breathing exercises "Hedgehog"
The hedgehog kind, not prickly,
Look around better.
I. P. - main stand.
1-turning right-short
noisy inhaling through the nose.
2-rotate the head to the left-exhale through
half-open mouth.
3 times
Guys smells of fresh baked goods – cheesecakes (children do 2-3 times a deep breath)
Children are seated at tables Hedgehog has decided to treat its guests cheesecake (let's Help the Hedgehog to arrange the cheesecakes on the Board)
The honey Bunny with carrot,
The squirrel, with nuts,
Bear – with raspberries.

Guys, how many of you have come to the hedgehog. Let's count (3)
(The teacher shows the toys, but their children believe out loud)
How many hedgehog baked cheesecakes. Let's count( 3)
What about cheesecakes and away (equally, the guests as much as the cheesecake, for each guest there is one cheesecake)
Look at the hedgehog in the basket there is another cheesecake.
One he made (himself) .
What do you think, how much was the whole cheesecake? Let's count (4) .
What can you say about the cheesecake and all the animals (they became equally, cheesecakes as much as animals)
What do you think, how come 4 tarts (added 3 to 1)
So, to get 4 3 need to добавить1
Correct, Well Done!
Gave hedgehog their guests! Very they liked.
physical exercises
"Left mouse"
Left mouse once
To see the time
1, 2, 3.4
Mouse pulled weights.
Suddenly there was a terrible ringing,
Ran the mouse over.
The teacher finds in the bag, motivates children new subject. According to the name of the bag - "Wonderful bag".
Offers to play – "The Wonderful bag" - guess to the touch.
Children call, and then pulls out the toy, and the teacher asks :
-As you guessed it the ball?
Children can give answers: "It is round, smooth, without corners".
The teacher praises children who are immediately able to identify by touch
subject. And children, made a mistake, offer to find by touch object (e.g. a pyramid)
Then draw attention to three large geometric figures
on the tables.
-Who guessed what the shape is like the ball, where it can be put?
Children speak out, and someone puts the ball near the geometric
shape "circle"
After the children learn all the items and offer them together with geometric shapes.
Conclusion: now we with you it is time to say goodbye to our animals (kids say goodbye to the animals). Guys, let us now recall how many were guests of the hedgehog( 3) .And all animals (4)

Let us all together once again count to 4!
The reflection classes.
What a wonderful, active and curious were you today!
Well done!

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