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Abstract physical activities for children of the preparatory group "Hiking in the forest" 2018
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Develop motor activity of senior preschool age children through the implementation of all educational areas and areas of

Objectives of the educational areas

Physical culture

• To consolidate the ability to crawl under obstacles of different heights

• Exercise in jumping through the obstacles

• To maintain balance while walking on a gymnastic bench with obstacles

• To develop physical qualities: agility, speed


• To develop the skills of environmentally literate and safe behavior in the outside world


• Create a sense of careful attitude to their health


• To establish a system of basic environmental knowledge, reasonable understanding of older preschoolers


• Develop open communication with adults and peers


• To develop emotional responsiveness, a sense of camaraderie in cooperative play activities with peers


• To develop imagination of children by means of musical works

Equipment  balls, 2 gymnastic benches, rope, cones, 2 baskets, 5 cones, backpacks on the number of children, music.  

I chapeau

The entrance of children to the music hall 5-6 minutes

Build in a line.

- Get in line!

- Equal! Attention! At ease!

The message of the topic and the objectives of the class.

Instructor in physical culture: Guys, what is camping?

Children's responses

Instructor in physical culture: Yes, folks, this is all true. And most importantly, the campaign is, above all, health. Soon the summer is the best time of year for Hiking in the woods, the Park, to the river. And today I suggest you to go camping, but not normal, and training, where together we learn how to behave in nature, we'll play, have fun and most importantly improve your health.

     Today in class we will carry out climbing, jumping over obstacles, throwing in a horizontal purpose, exercises with the ball, to play fun games. Are you ready? (Yes) Then go ahead!


As our guests we want to say:

The secret of health are sent to look for,

Us a lot of difficulties have to experience.

To health we take seriously

We know our best everything is possible!

- look at us and learn interesting exercise:

-repeat after us:

-how do we:

-do better than us.

- To the right! One, two!

- Left to crawl around the room. Guide for March! music V. I. Shainsky "Together cheerfully to walk".

The usual walk, in column one

Walking in pairs. Two abreast! March!

The usual walk, in column one with the slopes under obstacles

Jumping from left foot to right foot, moving forward (from hummock to hummock) to pay attention to your posture.

To go, holding hands

To tilt without touching the obstacles

To perform jumps easy, free

Easy run

Walking in a serpentine between the cones, holding hands. Mouths closed, nose breathing, arms bent at the elbows, keep distance

Children, we have flowers of unprecedented beauty

You know these flowers? No!

You can touch it, smell it, tear? No!

If you meet in the way we need them to get around!

Rope walking sideways, side steps, hand in hand

Walking Hands not to let go. To maintain balance

Rebuilding through the middle of the four. March! Instructor: the First stage of our journey you overcame. Checked your and endurance, now proceed to the next stage of the campaign.

II. The main part 20 - 22 minutes

II.1. Yelling in pairs with a ball

P. I. : O. S. standing facing each other.

1-2 — slope forward, pass the ball,

3-4 — I. p. Repeat 4-5 times Muses. The soundtrack of K/f. "Breakfast on the grass"

Knees do not bend.


I. p. : feet shoulder width apart, stand with your back to each other, hands in front of chest.

1-2-ball pass over his head,

3-4 - pass the ball from below between the legs to Repeat

4-5 times.


4-5 times.

The legs are in place, turn to run at the same time

II.5. I. V. : sitting facing each other, the ball in the hands of one of the children. Alternately bend forward, passing the ball to another. The pace is moderate.

Repeat 4-5 times.

Knees do not bend, leaning over to pass the ball to each other

II.6. I. p. : lying on his stomach, hands holding on to the ball

1-2 UPR. boat

3-4—I. p. Repeat

4-5 times the Arms, legs, direct pull

II.7. I. p. : lying on his stomach, hands holding on to the ball

1-2 — roll over to lie on her stomach, not releasing the ball;

3-4 — roll to return to I. p.

Repeat 2-3 times. UPR. to run concurrently in pairs.

Hands, legs straight lying on the floor

II.8. P. I. : O. S. face to each other, the ball on the floor between the children

1-2-walking step with the change of position

Repeat 2 times. Same in the other direction. When walking to maintain the correct posture

II.9. Principal movement

Instructor: the second stage of our campaign you have overcome, have confirmed that you are friendly, clever. Now proceed to the next stage of the campaign.

Performed by the production method

1. Jumping over obstacles 2-3 times to perform the Jump with both feet

2. Throwing small items (cones) 2-3 times execution Method of choice. Important to hit the target


crawling under arches of different heights (right in the Hoop (side) 2-3 times in Different ways

4. Walking on the bench, overcoming obstacles 2 times is Performed by subgroups.

III. The final part 3-4 minutes

Mobile game "the bear in the forest" to Repeat

2-3 times Instructor:

- Well done guys! You overcame all obstacles, and we came to a clearing, where can now you to play.

( mobile game "once we walked in the woods")

Once we walked in the woods

And a bear met

He lies under a tree

Stretched out and snoring

We bear did not Wake

We bear not teased

And quietly asked

Come on, Misha, get up

Yes, the guys play.

BEAR: I know one game "the bear in the forest"

To select it from among the children use the rhyme: Tara - Marya went into the forest, the cones were eaten, we were told, and we don't eat cones Tara Mare will give up.

Logaritmica Children got up early in the morning, [1]

For mushrooms in the woods went. (walk in place)

Squats, squats,

White mushroom in the grass have found. (squats)

On the stump to grow mushrooms,

Lean in to them guys

Lean 1, 2, 3,

And into the basket score! (the slopes)

Out on the walnut tree.

Who will jump up above all the (jumping)

If you want to reach,

Have much stretch. (pulling - up

Three hours in the woods wandering,

All paths proceeded. (walk in place)

Tired of all the long way-

The children sat down to rest. (children sit down).

Bear : Well Done! Friendly, attentive. Only edible mushrooms collected. In the forest was quiet. Unfamiliar flowers didn't tear. Here's the treat from me. Taste my mushrooms when the group will return

Wrap-up Instructor: well Done, guys! Today we saw what you quick, brave, hardy, amicable. And now we have to go back home


If you went camping,

Boldly move forward.

Look at all of us,

Children: "We are athletes of the highest class! "

You kids liked camping? I think in this campaign you will not be lost, with difficulties to cope.

Our quest is complete. Guests say goodbye!

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