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Abstract physical education classes — "Journey to forest" 2018
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   "Forest trip"

Software maintenance: continue to teach children to walk and run, making available the coordinated movement of the hands and feet, not shuffling, not omitting the head. To fix ability to run in the loose between objects without stepping on them. When performing General developmental exercises to teach children how to take the original position, perform movements consistent, high quality. To exercise them under the rope right and left side, without touching hands to the floor. Jumping in the length to fix the guys have the skills to land softly, descend on our toes, "elastic" bending feet. Learning to walk the length of the bridge, keeping the balance.

To raise the courage, the agility, the ability to follow the rules of the game to Enrich children's vocabulary.

Dictionary: Brooks talkative, quick;river forest, turbulent;the squirrel, quick, nimble, red-haired;the brave hares, long-eared;the snowdrops.

Equipment:slide projector, slides of wild animals, recordings, gymnastic bridges, flowers for each child.

Children, today we will go on a spring meadow. We go Hiking. How many of us there are lots!

children go around the room to each other. The teacher draws their attention to the coordination of movements, ability to keep right torso, head .

We step friend Doug

Forest and spring meadow.   
(Children perform the movement, changing position of hands.)

We like the socks, (the socks go on)

We're going to heels. (go heels)

Here checked your posture

And set shovel.

Wings mottled flashed

In a field of butterflies flying around.

One, two, three, four

Flew, spun.

(On subsequent words the children stop and run around the room)

Silence is around,

Now we come to a meadow.

In Mademoiselle. Look how many beautiful spring flowers!

Who knows what? 2 carefully tear the flower and stand in the forest clearing so as not to interfere with each other.

Then the kids perform the exercises with the snowdrops:

1. Children stand, hands chest, feet spaced slightly apart. Lifting the flowers up, down on the breast( 4 times)

We grow, grow

We bloom, bloom.

2. Children are standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms down. Twists in hand (4 times)

The flower sway back and forth,

Do it once and do it twice.

3. Children stand with feet serine shoulders, hands at the breast. Bending forward (4 times)

To the river we quickly descended,

Bent down and washed.

4. Children are standing, arms down, legs slightly apart, the flowers at the feet of prisedaya (4 times)

Carefully need to sit down,

So that the flowers don't hurt.

5. Children lie on belly, feet together, arms extended forward. Lifting the upper torso up (3 times)

And now lay all together,

Doing so hands you.

6. Children are standing, feet together. Jumping alternate with walking.

See, jumping over the edge

Two funny frogs.

Hop, hop, hop, hop,

The need to jump on the sock.

Like soldiers on parade,

We walk row after row.

Left again, left again,

Look at all of us!

In Mademoiselle. How fun you were playing in a forest glade. Put flowers in vases, and listen to the birds sing in the forest, Westem. It is necessary only to stand quietly, to not scare (the Hearing record "voices of birds")

In Mademoiselle. Now, kids, let's go into the woods and see who lives in the forest.

We will have a difficult road here, and quick babbling brook, you want to jump, and the river-a deep, rumbling.

You hear the noise? On the bridge you need to go carefully so the water does not fall. What is this? The tree had fallen. Crawl under it, be careful not to chop.

The path is uneven, ditches, ditches,

To overcome them we need.

-Look, kids, in what thicket we went. In this dense forest live different animals.

The teacher invites children to watch the slides, which shows the Fox, squirrel, wolf, rabbit.

-Look, what story I will tell you.

Lived in a dense forest fun bunnies. They loved the early morning run out to the meadow to eat Sacha cabbage. Have fun jumping bunnies, frolicking, looking for tasty leaves. And in this forest lived a wicked, bad wolf. He came to the meadow, hiding in the bushes and waited;when some hare gape and get him for lunch, but the bunnies ears on top-they always noticed the cunning of the wolf and ran home. Want to play this game?

(To be carried out the mobile game "Hare and wolf")

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