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Abstract physical education classes with children of younger group "Exercise with mom" 2018
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“I'm not afraid again and again to repeat: health care is the most important work of an educator. From cheerfulness, vivacity of children depends on their spiritual life, worldview, mental development, strength, knowledge, faith in their power.”

How to strengthen the health of the child? How to teach him fun to play with other children? These questions asked the modern thinking parents and teachers. In order to help find the answers to these questions, to develop in children a conscious attitude to their own health and they make friends with the gym, I decided to organize a club of young family "big guy"

I offer you a synopsis bisultanova classes with children of younger group on the theme "Exercise mom". This is the regular meeting of the club of young family "health" PR through a motor -play activity helped the kids and moms to create a good mood and feel a sense of joy.

“Exercise with mom”

Goal: to Help moms experience the joy of joint motor activity, to understand the usefulness “of gymnastics together” and to establish the emotional and tactile contact with children

To form a correct posture, strengthen the spine, increase growth when performing yoga and other exercises.

To call a desire to engage and create a positive attitude in children

The progress of the class.

The introductory part.

Greeting. (hands folded palms before the chest, all fingers together, the palm adjacent to the palm) .

Stretched his arms up, fold in clasp, pull up, to the sun, rising higher, higher. Breath steady, calm. Open the hands like a flower opens its petals

Ray, ray, show yourself!

Ray, ray, get down!

Help me to be healthy!

Bright, happy, cheerful!

Imagine how the Golden key from the top of the light fills your entire body. Here the light was filled with head, neck, shoulders, light is shed on your hands, here's this beautiful light appeared in my chest, stomach, buttocks, and so he descends into the legs and appeared in his lap. Pouring down in every finger, Now it's like you're standing in a lake of light. Scoop a little with your palms and light oblivi yourself from head to toe (bending forward and sliding the smooth movement of the palms from head to toe). Now let's hear it for relaxed palms themselves, to a ray of light could get in every place in our body. In every cell. (Relaxed palms clap body from head to toe. This exercise is a vibrating self-massage and stimulates blood circulation, activates the metabolism). Stopped for a moment, hands and head are relaxed, with the breath gradually rise. Hands smoothly lift up and drop them to your sides. As if drawing around a circle.

Sedentary game of hide and seek”

We will play hide and seek: parents will be tying up his eyes, and you for each other will slowly pass them. They need to know. (Every parent, knowing their child, picks him up, hugging and circling) .

Children, and you love to exercise? (Answers of children) Your parents want to engage with you and learn new exercises

1. You are engaged to soon grow up, and become high like this!

And adults help you grow. (A child walks on his toes, raising his hands; an adult standing behind the child, takes him by the outstretched arms) .

2. Parents help you to become here including slender! (A child walks on the heels,

arms back downstairs; adult, while behind the child straightens the arms and throws them to the side) .

3. Different colored modules can be bypassed like this (the walk in a pair of snake)

4. Here is fight! (Parents stand up, legs wide apart, and the kids climb through them) .

5. Together is more fun to jump (jumping forward in a pair) and run (running in pairs) .

6. You can briefly escape from their parents (the children run in all directions) and then go back to them (the parents hug the child, cuddle, circling) .

The main part

Want to learn new exercises?

General developmental exercises

So parents help you grow! First let greet your fingers. (Adult and child bend hands in elbows and connect palms with each other; the pads of the fingers of the child touch the adult's fingertips, forefinger and thumbs adult presses down on the nail phalanx of each finger of the child). Performed to musical accompaniment.

7. The position “palm”.And. p. : extend hands over head, thumbs intertwined, and

index linked. To rise on socks. Stretching up the spine, stopping. In this position 3 – 4 seconds. And will fall on all foot.

8. I. p : stand facing each other, holding hands, feet on width of shoulders,

child and adult raise hands through the parties up. Stand up for socks; adult pulls the child's hand up.

9. “That's how strong you are! I. p. : stand facing each other, holding one foot

forward, arms bent at the elbows in front of chest, palms joined. The child straightens the arms at the elbows, adult presses him to his chest.

10. “That's what agile! I. p. : standing on his knees, the child back to the parent, it

legs located between the legs of the parent, hands on his belt; an adult supports them. Simultaneous turns adult and child left, right.

11. “So you play! I. p. : stand facing each other, holding hands, feet on

shoulder-width apart. The child squats – is an adult; an adult squats – child standing.

12. Pose pussy good and angry”.

A). “Good kitty” I. p. : get on all fours facing each other, slowly and smoothly lift your head and bend at the waist. Hold this position 3 to 4 seconds. And then tell the children: now tell me meow.

B). “Angry kitty”.slowly and smoothly lower your head and arch your back up. RAM hold 3 – 4 seconds. Then say: the Cat is angry and hissing “sh-sh”

13. Pose “mountain”. I. p. : your Arms to connect fingers in the lock and turn brushes palms up. Hand to strain and pull as hard as you can upwards, stretching the spine.

O. D. Is the time of games. Like with the ball like and adult and


14. Children sit in front of adults. Rolling a ball to each other.

15. Children stand in front of the parents and throw each other in different ways.

Mobile game “the sun and the rain”

Love to play with their parents. Let's play a game called “Sun and rain” Parents will be waiting for you in cabins. At the signal “the Sun! ”. You run out in the center of the room and rejoice in the sun: jumping, running, etc. On the signal “Rain! ” Must quickly run to the houses, so as not to get wet in the rain.

Relaxation “the flying Carpet”

Go on a magic flying carpet. Smoothly and slowly the carpet rises up and carries you through the sky, quietly shaking and lulling. A gentle warm breeze blows gently, you rest... (Sounds calm musical composition) .Gradually the rug starts to descend and land at d\s... Stretch, take a deep breath, exhale, opened his eyes, carefully stood up. We are healthy and rested.

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