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Abstract the in the older group on cognitive development "journey to the land of "Mathematics" 2018
2016-06-05, 10:40:33

Purpose: to generalize knowledge of math



- to form skills, knowledge of geometric shapes;

-to consolidate skills to learn in the surrounding area of the geometric figure;

-exercise in solving logical problems;

-enrich the vocabulary of the pupils.


-to develop speech, attentiveness, cognitive activity, ability to Express and justify their opinions;

-to develop the constructive skills;

-to develop the ability to count items from a large number by the given number;

-develop fine motor skills of the fingers;


-To educate the children of friendly help to magical heroes, punctuality, desire to bring it started to end.

Direction: cognitive

Integration: social, communicative, cognitive, speech, aesthetic, physical

Preliminary work: the consolidation of knowledge about geometric figures; count to 10 and back; the construction of a ship of soft modules, solving logic problems, crossword puzzles

Methods and techniques:





Teacher: Guys, I am very glad to see you. Let's greet each other.

Will be side by side, in a circle,

Say "Hello!" to each other.

Us to say Hello laziness:

All "hi!" and "Good day! ";

If every smile –

The morning will begin.


Teacher: now guys, say Hello to our guests and give them a smile.

Pupils: Good morning!

Teacher: Well Done! Guys, today we received a letter. You wonder who it's from?

Pupils: Yes.

Teacher: Let's look at the screen.

Video letter. The king of the country of Mathematics" (recording king)

Recording: "Hello, guys! I am the ruler of the distant fairyland of Mathematics. We have had an accident. My assistants are wizards, lost his magic gift. Now in my Kingdom began to occur disorder. Dear guys, please help us! After completing all the tasks, you will return all into place".

Teacher: Want to go on a journey into the country of Mathematics?

Pupils: I Want.

Teacher: Guys, where are we going on a journey, you will learn, after guessing the riddle.

Riddle: what Is that wonders:

The wind blows in the sails?

Neither the ferry nor the blimp —

Floats on the waves.

Pupils: Ship.

Teacher: well Done, ship. Guys, where do we take the ship?

Pupils: we construct Ourselves.

Teacher: Great, let's build a ship out of soft modules. Will help us in this our strong and helpful boys. While the girls rest a while

(The boys of the soft modules to build ships, the song "True friend" (Muz. B. Saveliev, et seq. M. Plackowska)

Teacher: Guys, Radmir will be the captain and the remaining sailors helpers. Go to our ship and soon will sail for adventure.

Slide 1

(The pupils are on the ship, the soundtrack sounds "the sound of the sea and the seagulls") .

Slide 2

Teacher: Guys, I see an island. It seems we're getting close.

Teacher: so we sailed into the country "Mathematics".

Slide 3

Teacher: Guys, go down with the ship (came, sat down on the chairs, on the Desk stands the box)

Teacher: Guys, look, some kind of box (the teacher opens it, and there the gems)

The magicians of this country a lot of gems.

Slide 4

Guys, who knows what these gems?

Pupils: Gems is the colored stones.

Teacher: Gems are precious or semi-precious stones, which since ancient times make a variety of jewelry, boxes, vases. The wizards of this island love to play math games with colorful gems. But since they have lost the gift of magic, they are unable to count them and they were mixed. Guys, let's help the wizards?

Pupils: Will Help.


-Among all the gems you need to choose 7 green gems and put on a plate (before each plate is preceded by a digit denoting the number of gems)

-Among the gems you need to choose the 5 yellow gems and put them on a plate.

Teacher: Well Done! And now let's remember how many green gems have we had?

Pupils: we had 7 green gems.

Teacher: And how many yellow gems we counted?

Pupils: Yellow gems, we counted 5.

Slide 5.

Teacher: Any more gems: green or yellow?

Pupils: more Green gems than yellow.

Teacher: how many more green gems?

Pupils: Green gems 2 more than yellow.

Teacher: So, what is the sign we put between these numbers?

Pupils: Sign more.

Teacher: And now let's check.

Slide 6

Teacher: That's Right. How many yellow gems we counted?

Pupils: We counted 5 yellow gems.

Teacher: That's Right. Now we need to count 8 blue gems.

Teacher: we had 5 yellow gems, and we counted 8 blue gems. Any more gems, yellow or blue?

Pupils: more Blue gems.

Teacher: how much more?

Pupils: 3самоцвета more.


Slide 7.

Right, what is the sign we will put between 5 yellow and 8 blue gems?

Pupils: Sign less.

Teacher: Let's check.

Slide 8

Teacher: Well Done! Coped with this task.

Teacher: the Next task from wizards: What digit should stand instead of a question mark?

Slide 9

12? 4567? 910

Pupils: Missing numbers 3 and 8.

Teacher: Right, and let's check.

Slide 10

Pupils: (Think aloud)

Teacher: Well Done! Now guys, let's rest.

The p. T. break

One, two, three, four, five! (Walking in place.)

We all know how to count. (Clap.)

Know how to relax too. (Jumping on the spot.)

Hands behind his back put, (your Hands behind your back.)

The head will raise above (Up above.)

And easily-easily breathe. (Deep breaths.)

We now go to the right,

And then you go left,

In the center of the circle get together

And all back.

Teacher: the Wizards have in store for us the task with geometric shapes. (Pupils sit at tables)

Teacher: I will call the subject, and you need to put the appropriate figure, for example, a plate, what shape? Round, then lay out the circle. And then think for yourself. (The door, the roof of the house, the handkerchief of the wheel) .

Teacher: (on the easel opens the correct answer) Guys, check fulfilled? You also?

Teacher: Well Done! It turns out that the wizards of this island love to play. We are going to play, stand in a circle.

Teacher: Wizards sent me a crystal for the game.

The game is called: "Opposite words" (I will ask you questions, and to throw the magic crystal, and you answer and return it back to me.)

-You're short, and the Pope (high)

- The branch is thin, and the tree (thick)

-The river is wide and the Creek (narrow)

-A big chair, and the chair (small)

Vata is light, and the stone (heavy)

The short worm and a snake (long)

-Snow is cold and tea (hot)

- Snow is white, and lemon (yellow)

Teacher: well Done, coped with this task. Have a seat on the stools.

Teacher: guys, the wizards of this country still like to solve logical problems, we will help them.

Slide 11

And, now it's time for bananas

Count the monkey.


THREE for Breakfast give.

If THREE for Breakfast to give

They will be FIVE.

Monkey, you're right:

They will be only... (TWO)

Slide 12

Six hilarious bear -

For raspberries in the woods in a hurry

But one of them was tired.

Now find the answer:

How many bears ahead? (5)

Slide 13.

Time to buck for lunch

Rode my friend neighbor.

On the stump sat leverets,

And two carrots eaten.

Who to believe, guys deft?

How many carrots are eaten( 10)

Teacher: Well Done! Guys, I just found out wizards

this island I love painting, but the pencils they have suddenly lost color. What are they?

The slide 14.

Pupils: Colorless.

Teacher: let's help the wizards to revitalize them! You agree!

Pupils: Yes! (pupils sit at tables)


First paint the pencil red,

Fourth – green,

The second orange,

Fifth – blue,

Third – yellow,

Sixth blue

Seventh pencil – purple.

(children in the light music paint over the pencils)

Teacher: (Draws the attention of the pupils on an easel) Guys, check, all right.

Teacher: Well Done! Now all the colored pencils.

Teacher: And now let's check out, the wizards pencils took on the color?

(the pupils sit on the chairs)


Guys, we've got to return to the wizards color pencils?

Pupils: Yes.

Teacher: they remind me of. And you guys?

Pupils: They remind us of a rainbow.

Slide 16

Teacher: Guys, and what they remind you of?

Pupils: About our garden.

Teacher: Yes, what's the name of your kindergarten?

Pupils: Our kindergarten is called "rainbow".

Teacher: Correct

(The music include the king of the country "Math")

King: Hello! What you guys, as difficult tasks performed, you rescued us.

In gratitude from our wizards from me and I want to present you with medals (the medals) .

Educator: Thank You. And now we have to go back, let's get on our ship and sail back to our beloved garden.

King: goodbye, guys! Thanks for the help! (Children sit on the ship and comply with phonogram children's song "strong Friendship".)

Teacher: so we came to our kindergarten.

Slide 16

Photograph of a kindergarten.

(Pupils go down with the ship and stand in a semicircle).


Teacher: Where we have been?

Pupils: today We visited the country in Mathematics

Teacher: Who lives in a mathematical country?

Pupils: In the country, "Mathematics" lives the King and his aides wizards.

Teacher: What kind of job we performed?

Pupils: Today we are considered the gems, solve problems, solve the riddle, colored pencils, found geometric shapes that resemble the shape of various items, compares the number of items.

Teacher: did You like our journey?

Pupils: Yes.

Teacher: Today, you were great! Next time we'll have a trip to various places, and while we say goodbye to our guests. Goodbye!

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