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Abstract the OOD in the middle group using unconventional techniques colored sand painting "Underwater world" 2018
2016-05-09, 11:36:57

The course of OOD
1. Chapeau
Teacher: Children come to me, please. Look, you came to visit. Say Hello to them, smile to them. I now invite you to stand in a circle.
Look, the sun woke up and yawned sweetly (put your hands up,
The sun ray you stretched (stretching hands to the center of the circle,
The sun cheek you rinsed (Pat the palms of the cheeks,
Good morning you wished (put palms to a breast) .
Gathered all the children in the circle, you're my friend and I'm your friend.
Along behind us join hands, and each other smile.
Teacher: let's give each other a smile.
2. The main part
Teacher: Guys, while I went to visit you, saw a lake on the way. He remembered a riddle:
Splashing in the river clean
Back silver.
What do you think? Who is it? (Fish)
The teacher shows the children the illustration for a few fish and offers to consider it carefully.
Teacher: let's See what illustrations I have for you? Who is depicted on them?
Teacher: do you know where the fish live? (Rivers, lakes, seas, oceans). Teacher: what do you think have anything to do with fish? (tail, body, fins, eyes) .
Why fish have fins and not legs?
What helps the fish to breathe? (the gills) .
Teacher: Than differ from each other? (color, shape, size) .
Teacher: Now we will review the film about fish, please note some fish are different: they are of different colors, different sizes. The tail and fins they have are also different.
The teacher invites children to sit on chairs. (Watching videos about fish).
Gymnastics for eyes
We watched the movie, our eyes are tired, let's go for the eyes will do the charging.
About fish, we learned (View up-down)
Our eyes were so tired, (look left and right)
We will give them rest,
We shut it down a little bit (teacher: kids, please, close the eyes) .
And now they are open and a little pomogaem
Teacher: And where is the fish live in houses?
Children: in the aquarium.
Teacher: Quite right! I also brought you a gift, a aquarium. View, it has a ground, so the fish could hide, algae for their food. But, my, here, who's missing.
Teacher: Who's missing in our aquarium?
Teacher: Exactly! I had completely forgotten about the fish. What can you do?
Children: to make your own.
Teacher: the Fish for this tank I propose to do with their hands!
Teacher: How do you think how can I carry the fish?
Teacher: I propose you to make a magically – colored sand!
The teacher leads the children to his Desk, on which lies a fish, all wheel drive. sand, glue and brush. Now I will choose here's a fish. What forms do I fish? That fish turned out to be bright, I'll take a red, yellow, blue.
- Now I will teach you how to draw sand.
Now let's see how I'll paint the sand fish:
Look, I know how
Draw with colored sand.
I take a little glue,
And on the sheet put smear. (glue put a line on paper)
I'll take a little bit of sand,
And strew them on the glue! (gaining a pinch of sand and pour on the glue, as if salted)
Appeared in the color path
View all quick!
Again, I will smear with glue,
Glue does not regret! (again smear glue on the blank space on the sheet)
And sand of a different color
I'll put this on the glue! (again a pinch roll in the sand of a different color)
Now tape the eyes, you need to peel off the double sided tape and attach to the desired location.
- Want to try?
Come to the table and take the tray. Now take three bottles of colored sand, the color what you enjoy and mock fish. The children sit at their chosen location. But first of all, let's get acquainted with the rules of drawing with sand. What do you think, what not to do?
1. You can't take the sand in his mouth!
2. You cannot throw sand in the eyes!
3. You can't breathe the sand!

And, of course, after painting it is necessary to wash hands!
Teacher: Before starting to paint with sand, let's warm up our fingers and hold finger gymnastics!
Let's stand near the chairs.
The finger gymnastics of "Fish fun frolic":
Fish frolic fun (Folded hands wavelike forward movement)
In clean lukewarm water (wave-like motion with his hands towards each other)
It will shrink, unclench (Clenching and unclamping Cams)
Then bury in the sand (Digging motion with hands)
- Now let's together!
Repeat 2 times.
Practical part:
Teacher: now you are ready to draw, but before you draw a fish, imagine what she you will have, what colors will you use to represent your pattern. Let's remember how to draw sand:
First you need to spread the adhesive surface,
Then gently sprinkle the sand (a pinch like salt) .
Rather start to draw!
Children draw in the sand. Individual assistance and supervision of a caregiver.
After work, the children wipe their hands with a napkin
Teacher: Now our fish has to dry. Want to play while drying the pattern on your fish?
Just remember to wipe the handle with a napkin!
Teacher: Let's walk on the carpet and play.
Let us imagine that turned into a small fish that swim in the sea.
Fish swims in the water,
The fish are fun to walk.
(easy run helter-skelter, down the hall)
Fish, fish, baggage,
(To threaten with the forefinger)
We want you to catch.
(grasping motion with his hands)
Fish the back curved,
(show the fish dives to the depth)
The bread crumbs took.
(Show of hands grasping exercises)
Fish tail waved,
(show of hands glides)
Very quickly swam away.
Teacher: Guys, and about your fish-something we all forgot! Let us, rather, place them in the aquarium!
Teacher: Let's gently shake the tray in excess of the sand.
The teacher first takes his fish from the table, shakes off the sand into the tray and sticks the fish on the paper. After the kids take the fish and, with the help of the teacher, paste them on drawing paper.
Teacher: well Done guys! Let's see how to revive our aquarium, as it was decorated with our colorful fish.
Teacher: What is the most colorful? Whose pattern do you like more? Why? What fish you you like most of all?
All fish are different, not similar to each other.
Teacher: Guys, what's new you learned today? What meet? Drew you ever been in such an unusual way?
Do you like it? Nice you see those fish?

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