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Abstract to familiarize with the surrounding "Pets" (1st Junior edra group) 2018
2016-06-09, 22:27:13

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1. Be encouraged to recognize and name Pets: cat, dog, horse.
2. To form ability to allocate their characteristics: the head – ears, the fur soft and fluffy, long tail.
3. Create the desire to play with them, talk about them and name the basic parts of the body.
4. To enrich the children's vocabulary by words: coat, mane, bone, milk, grass.
5. To enhance the children's vocabulary through words: cat, dog, horse, barks, meows.

Toys – cat, dog, horse; images of animals (cats, dogs, horses) for display on the flannel-graph; a treat for animal-dummies: a bowl with milk, bone, grass; Mat - river.

Joint activities
Children come into the group.
- Guys, look at how many guests came to us. Say Hello to the guests.

Guests to the baby came (song).

- Oh, but where are the guests? Maybe they decided with the children to play hide and seek.

- Let them look for it? (Children along with a caregiver walking group).

And no under shelf,

And on the shelf there.

And under the chair there,

And on the chair there.

Moving down the group, the children find a dog.

Look, Yes this is dog.

- Who is it?

- As a barking dog?


The teacher invites the children to bark like a dog in the beginning loudly, then softly.

- Here is our faithful Mongrel dog,

Black nose, a ring tail.

- Guys, what about dogs? (tail, eyes, paws, fur hard) .

- What dog can do? (to bark, to run, to lie, to gnaw a bone) .

- Doggy, come play with us.

Is mobile game with a dog: we've got a dog,

With the children playing.

Very loud barks


Escapes from children.

Children chasing a dog, catching up with her.

The dog sits at the table, offer a treat. (bone).

Who else came to us?

The teacher moves through the group, looking for along with children.

- On the sofa

Under the sofa there.

- On the cot there,

under the bed there.

- Whose tail sticks out at the window?

Riddle: Maintenka, ustanicka,

There is drinking, singing songs. (female)

- Yes, it's a cat.

- Guys, let's pet the kitty.

- Her fur is soft, smooth, fluffy.

- Show me where the cat ears, nose, tail, paws-scratchy?

- What is it? (ears, nose, tail, paws-scratchy) .

- Meows like a cat? (meow).

Song: fair-haired kitty

Sat by the window.

Tail wagging,

Children beckoned.

- As she beckoned the children? (meow)

- And who are kids kitties? (the kittens).

- But come on, you will now not guys, but little kittens.

As our cat

Older guys

Older guys

Fluffy kittens.

Backless hollow out

The tail wags

And they are on their feet

Sharp scratchy.

Long mustache

Green eyes

I love to wash

Paw ears to scratch

And belly lick

Lay down on the flank

And curled up in a ball

And then bent backrest

Ran away from the basket.

(Children run away from a cat) .

- Played, and now you are kittens, and kids.

Put the kitty at the table and treat.

- Clop, clop, clop (educator).

Who's hoof knocking? (heard hoofbeats).

- Who is it? (horse) .

- Screams like a horse? (and a-go-go)

-And the pounding hooves? (clop-clop-clop)

- I love my horse

But I know it is a horse

Comb sleek ponytail

And the top will go to visit.

"You're not guys, and fast horses.

- Hey, horse, follow me!

Hurry to drink.

Here the wide river,

It cool water.


Good water!

Tap hoof!

Hey, horses, follow me,

Jumped all over the home.

Children jumping on seats.

You are no longer horses, and cute guys.

-Now let's remember who came to visit us (dog, cat, horse).

- Guys, than we were treated to a dog (bone). Like a dog told us thank you? (AV-AV).

- Kitty? (milk) (meow-meow) .

- The horse? (grass) (and a-go-go) .

-That's what wonderful guests we had today.

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