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Abstract trust walk "of white-trunked Birch" 2020

The aim of the walk: developing children's knowledge about the distinctive features of trees through observation of solving puzzles, reading nursery rhymes and poems.


1. Shaping children's ideas about the trees of his native land;

2. To acquaint children with the trees on the kindergarten territory;

3. Learning to compare and name the distinguishing characteristics of the birch;

4. To teach children to listen and read the word art, to solve riddles;

5. To enhance the children's vocabulary, to clarify the names of trees, their characteristics.

6. To develop thinking, attention, observation.

7. To create in children a happy mood;

8. To foster an interest in plants, love to the native nature, to broaden my horizons.

Preliminary work:

1. Learning of poems about the birch tree;

2. Crossword puzzles;

3. Examining prints and paintings: "birch grove", "Trees in our area";

4. Games with didactic material: "Find a pair", "Pick a leaf", etc.

The course walks:

Teacher: Guys, guess a riddle.

Not caring about the weather,

In a white sundress walking.

And in one of the warm days

May gives her earrings.

Children: Birch

Teacher: Right, children. Today with us on the walk, dunno.

He is a boy, not a boaster.

It dunno, but Uppity.

A lot of his friends,

But he is too lazy to learn.

Dunno do not like to learn, so he knew nothing about. Even the birch on the site can not find. Let's show him a birch and will tell you all about it.

Guys, what is the most important symptom unable to distinguish birch? What color is the trunk?

Children: the Trunk is white.

Educator: Stem birch white, so it is popularly called white-trunked. The bark of the birch top is very thin and silky, and closer to the ground the bark is black and thick. The birch bark is called bark. Birch bark craftsmen make different items.

Guys, come closer to the birch. Touch the trunk, stroke and hug the birch.

She is slim, tall and beautiful. Birch pulled their branches to the sky and enjoys the sun.

Physical warm-up "In the field of birch stood"

The morning came, the sun woke up.

And birch to the sun reached out

(Hands up, on toes) .

Shook hands with each other.

Leaning to the side

(Bending to side) .

With the sun said Hello,

Rejoicing in the new day

(Hands up to wave them) .

Early spring birch buds swell, and later from buds bloom leaves and catkins. Also in the spring birch juice appears. Birch SAP can be collected and drink. It contains vitamins. Tell me guys, why the need for vitamins?

Children: not to get sick.

Teacher: That's Right. Vitamins are very good for health. And yet the us treats birch leaves and kidneys. From the leaves and buds can be brewed medicinal tea. Sprigs of birch in the summer, make brooms, which are very fond of sweating in the sauna. Baths are useful for health promotion.

Birch is very fond of the people. Around the birch trees dance in a ring, on her compose poems, riddles, Proverbs and songs.

Guys, let's all tell our familiar poem about the birch tree.

Like all birch,

After all, she's beautiful!

White trunk, dense crown,

Send all bows.

Leaves silently rustle,

Among themselves they say.

That's how I learned dunno. Now it is birch not be confused with another tree.

Mobile game: "All home"

The game: the Teacher attaches in different places plots the silhouettes of the trees and the sample leaf. Give each child leaves. Children at the signal, run to the silhouette, from which his piece of paper. To ensure that you have correctly performed the task, the child is asked to compare your sheet with the samples, to which he ran.

Teacher: Interesting ... we walk out. What kind of tree we talked today? What is the birch? What spring gives us the birch? What else is it useful?

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