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Abstract valueology "I'm a health Bank, I myself will help" 2018
2016-04-29, 22:19:19

Q (next - caregiver) : Guys, we have guests today! Say Hello to the guests. You know, you're not just saying Hello, you gave each other a piece of health, because he said "Hello! "(wish health) .
Now let's hold hands and feel the warmth of the hands of your friends, who are always ready to help. See, out of your hands turned the bridges of friendship. If we help each other, the bridges will not collapse.
Guys, today we will talk about health. Who wants to be healthy? In your power not only to preserve health but also to strengthen it. And about this wise saying:
"I'm a health Bank, I myself will help."
Let's say together this proverb. As you know, what is health?
D: Health is power, beauty when the mood is good and everything works.
Q: now let's talk about how we can help themselves to improve their health.
A knock at the door, Oh comes (wails, blowing his nose) .
In: Oh What happened?
Oh: Sick, nose breathing, headache, hands, legs hurt, Oh, I feel bad.
Q: So you caught a cold? I had to take care of your health, take care of it.
Guys, tell ОХ, what you need to do to stay healthy?
D: to eat well, to harden, to walk, to do exercises.
In: Oh, and you know how to do exercises?
Oh: No, you can't.
Q: Guys, let's show how we do the charging.
Dynamic pause the music
"The sun radiant".
Q: Guys, what do we still need to be healthy?
D: eat Right, eat healthy foods.
Q: what does it mean healthy foods?
D: Foods rich in vitamins.
Q: What are the names of vitamins do you know?
D: A, B, C, D, E
Q: why do we need vitamin a?
D: It is a vitamin of growth and vision.
Q: what to our eyes is always good saw will do exercises for the eyes.
(exercises for eyes) .
Q: And now children, choose foods rich in vitamin A and will sow them in your house.
Q: why do we need vitamin b?
D: we grew up strong.
To choose products and to resettle them in their house.
With? (strengthens the body, makes you healthier, helps with colds, he lives in all sour
D? (makes the legs and hands are strong)
E? (it is necessary for the health of our skin, it can be found in green vegetables and fruits, and also greens.
Q: Guys, now let's show our guest how we are able to understand good and bad products, to do this, we're going to pass over the tables.
Applique harmful and useful products .
Finger gymnastics with the massager SU-JOK
I ball circles roll,
Back and forth his chase.
I them Pat the palm.
Like I'm sweeping away crumbs,
And squeeze it a little bit,
As compresses cat paw,
Each finger will press the ball,
And another hand will start.
Q: You hear? Some unusual sound? What is it?
D: bell ringing.
Q: what helped you to hear the bell ring?
D: Our ears.
Q: right. Ears help us to hear different sounds. Let's look closely at the ears of a neighbor. The lugs you have are a little different, but they are all the same. Think about what it would be if we would cease to hear?
D: he found Himself in complete silence.
Q: Now we are going to play in silence. Close with hands their ears and listen to the silence. Now open your ears and listen to the sounds around us, what did you hear?
In: the Guys, and we heard even better, we'll do a massage to their lugs.
To ears did not hurt
We will warm up soon.
Now bend over the counter
And again, we repeat.
The trestle we will warm up
The finger ear are
And palm presses
Strongly strongly rubs.
In: the Guys, the man has organs that help him to see, to hear, but the body that picks up different smells. And what is this on?
Noses we need it to breathe, and I'll tell you why you should breathe it through the nose and not the mouth.
Getting the nose, the air passes through two corridors, the walls of which are covered with villi. The villi perform the role of guards - they do not pass into the nose dust. In these corridors the air is warmed, which is especially important in winter. Then the air passes through a tube, the walls of which are covered with mucus, like glue. To this glue stick germs that try along with the air to get to us in the body and cause we have some nasty disease. Now, the nose first comes into the fight with microbes.
Q: And to our nose breathe, we also potassium.
Massage of the nose "Snail"
From the porch to the gate (rubbing the index fingers)
Three hours crawling snails (from nose-down and bottom-up)
Three hours crawled girlfriends (massage the nostrils)
Dragging himself into the hut.
- "The nose smells pleasant smell
The child performs 10 inhales and exhales through the right and left nostril, closing them alternately with your index finger.
- "Go ahead spout"
The child features on the nose forefingers and perform their movement to the wings of the nose, then up and back. Thus, it is like rubbing.
In: well Done guys, now we are not afraid of microbes and viruses.
Oh: Guys, I realized that to be healthy you need to eat healthy food, rich in vitamins, walk, exercise and move more, to dance.
And I also know a happy dance, let's dance.
Dynamic pause the music. (Hedgehog)
Oh: I'm Amused you? How are you feeling? A good mood is important for your health? (Yes)
Q: Here it is the secret of good mood.
Q: now look closely at each other, why do you have sparkling eyes? Why do you have a kind smile? Why are you smiling all the fun? How are you feeling? (Good) now you will be Able to take care of their health? And you Oh?

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