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Abstract valueology "s kin Functions" 2018
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In a circle rather become, stronger hands grasp,

Smile we are not lazy, say in unison "good afternoon! "

Very good day! "

Teacher: Guys, it would be good to invent a garment that would not get wet under the heavy rain, does not absorb moisture, does not crumple, it could have been worn at least a hundred years. Because the knees of your favorite pants may eventually fray around the holes. Dress, presented to you on the day of birth, you suddenly find little. As it usually upsets my mom!

-But still, there is such an extraordinary garment, natural and given to us by nature. It is always new and always fit.

Guess a riddle.

We are in it winter and summer

From head to toe dressed

Even at night can not lift,

Because it
(the skin) .

Our skin is, it fully covers our body from head to toe. ---Touch his arm, look how it's smooth and soft.

-Do you want to know, why does anyone need leather and what is its magic power?

-Then we go to a medical laboratory.

-Guys, let's see how many interesting things are here. How do you think that is?

-That's right, a tube of cream. Prepare your palms, now we will conduct a little experiment. (everyone on the palm, squeeze a little cream.)

- RUB it into the palm lightly. While the cream is absorbed playing with fingers, not touching her hands.

Finger gymnastics.

Get up the highway,

Get up, pointer, alternately

Wake up, middle, straighten the fingers

Get up, orphan. (hands in fists

All fingers woke up not to compress)

To the sun and stretched.

Teacher: And now look at our palms. Do you think what happened to the cream?

- Properly soaked! But our palm flat and smooth, and let's look at it with a magnifying glass.

- What do you see? (Wrinkles, hairs, small holes) .

- Has guessed, what happened to the cream?

- Right in the little holes on the skin. These holes are called pores. With their help, our skin is able to absorb.

-Do you want to know what is the magic power of the skin?

-Take the pipette and put a few drops on her finger.

- Where did the water?

- That's right, the glass back in the saucer.

So now we have verified with you that leather is not water tight. We learned about the magic power of the skin:

1. Is able to absorb.

2. Protects.

And now I invite you to go on the "Track health". For this you need to remove your shoes and socks.

(The kids are blindfolded, the teacher asks the child what he felt. When all the children will track the teacher sums up.)

Teacher: Guys, our skin not only protects us, but she still knows how to feel and transmits a signal of our head. That's why we know we know we are hot or cold, soft or hard, and can be scratches.

- And now we're going to play a game of "guess what this is? "

(Cause two) .

- I'll touch your hand a subject, and you can guess what the object is.

(Touch a brush, a brush, a piece of fur, sponge, a piece of folk) .

At the end of the game getting up:

-Guys, you guessed it, in what subject I touched you?

- That's right, you suggested the skin, as it is able to feel.

We hump legs -top-top-top.

We clap our hands clap –clap-clap.

Nod your head.

We drop hands,

We hand raise.

We run around.

(Performed with the acceleration) .

(After the mobile game – the kids determine that the skin was wet). (Sweating is a protective function of the body from overheating. Secreted sweat starts to dry and cool the body by which the body maintains a certain temperature.)

Teacher: Kids, as you probably already realized – the skin is very important for our body. To keep it safe and sound, you need to take care of her.

- Well, if, after all, was a nuisance, and the skin had an abrasion or a cut that needs to be done?

- Children, today we came to visit our nurse. It is something you want to tell.

D\and "What you can and cannot do."

Teacher: So what is still the magic power of skin?

(Children's responses). (Able to absorb, protects, feels.)

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