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"Acquainted with autumn colors" 2018
2016-02-11, 10:34:47

The course walks:
Observation. To draw children's attention to the autumn flowers growing in the flowerbeds. Consider marigolds. What is the flower? What color are the leaves? Flowers? (The leaves are green, small and large flowers, much smell, I love the sun) .
To ask whether it is possible to tear or trample flowers? as need relates to the plants (For plants to take care not to tear, to trample) .

A poem.
My garden day by day fade,
He dented, broken and empty.
Even though magnificently blossoming away
Marigold in it the burning Bush...

               A. Maikov
What are the names of flowers,
When you hold their hand?
(the bouquet)
Elegant sisters
All day guests are met,
Honey treat.

Game "Make a flower" - drawing up of a flower of multi-colored lids.

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