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Applique in the older speech therapy group on lexical topic: "the Underwater world. Octopus". 2018
2016-05-09, 11:31:05

The course
1 part.
In the group on the carpet of volumetric module built ship.
The teacher invites the children to continue the journey into the world of the "underwater Kingdom", under music children take place.
The teacher draws the children's attention, (on a magnetic Board pictures sea creatures) that they are already in the underwater Kingdom and wants you to call inhabitants of the sea.
(Answers of children)
Look at the octopus:
The legs of the octopus - a lot!
No nose, and two eyes.
Just where is the head?
No ears, one ear ever used.
No neck - just the belly.
As well poor he lives?
Here's how: and eating and drinking,
Laughing with a mouth on his belly,
Strange octopus earless.

(The teacher draws the children's attention on the octopus)
Guys, our friend –an Octopus has requested that we helped him more to gain friends. Let's help him.
The teacher draws children's attention to sample (review the report and answer questions)
a) to identify the main parts.
b) display a symmetrical cutting parts
c) to remind the eye cut into eight strips for the legs and wrap one end of the strip on the pencil, adhesive plasters wound is not the end of the strip and glue
d) all the finished parts are placed on a sheet of paper.
d) complement the work of the algae
(e) the finished work tinted wax crayons.

Before working to hold the finger-type gymnastics
Swam octopus,
Went down on the track
Quickly, quickly ran
And the three legs were lost.
But left five
It is possible to re-do it!
Sharply and rhythmically throw
the fingers of the Cam.
To put pads on
Run your fingers on the table.
The word "five" show
of open palms.
Serially to bend all over again
fingers in a fist
All finished work to put on the Board.
To draw the children's attention, which turned out beautiful "underwater Kingdom".
Guys, what difficulties you have experienced creating your "octopus",
What you most like to do?
View, and our friend was very pleased that he has added friends and it's all thanks to you.
(While working with background music)
N. Firefly
To finish poem.
Somewhere in the sea without roads
Walks, wandering octopus
And boiling wave
Octopus is not afraid!

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