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Autumn mood 2018
2017-09-02, 09:21:48
Abstract musical themed classes "Autumn mood" with elements of psychological gymnastics


Children enter the music room for each other, greet guests with music Director. The teacher (further in the text- In-l) draws children's attention to the problems with flannel-graph;.

In-l: guys, it is raining outside, and we have in the hall the sun was shining, the weather is good! Look, the sun is smiling, he's in a good mood! And you have a good mood? Let us show you how the sun smiles! How bright autumn leaves autumn gave us! Let them dance.

The teacher hands out leaves.

Exercise sheets

In-l: autumn leaves light-light, they fly from any breeze! A wind blew our leaves were flying! To run on toes, very easily as autumn leaves and listen to the music.

1. Run in circles after each other

Our hands are twigs, straight, very flexible, their shakes wind

2. Shake the leaves over the head

The wind whirled the leaves

3. Circling around him, the leaves on the chest

Let's make an autumn bouquet and the rustle of leaves

4. To run to the center of the circle, lift the leaves rustle, and back.

Suddenly a strong wind blew, tore the leaves, and they flew in different directions.

5. Children run helter-skelter

The wind died down and the leaves are very smooth, slowly fell to the ground.

The teacher collects the slips, music. hands. Puts on flannel-graph; cloud and rain drops.

music Director. Guys, while you danced, gathered on the sky dark clouds, it started raining. The weather turned bad, look at the cloud, what's her mood? When it is raining outside, better to sit at home. Let's sit on chairs and listen to the music. Sit comfortably, straighten your back. Look at the picture, what is drawn on it? Bunnies! What do the bunnies? They dance.

Hearing plays Enikeeva "Rabbit dance"

in the tape recording.

What do you think, what music they are dancing to a sad or funny? Slow or fast?

Rehearing of the play

Guys, and we came to visit men, they heard merry music, and they loved it. View, they all have a different mood.

The introduction of pictograms.

Look at each icon, represented by facial expressions and pantomime the emotions depicted in them.

What kind of men do you like the most? What's not to like? Let's remove it altogether. Men came to listen to the song. So let's sing a song about autumn. What do you know about autumn? (answers of children) What is her mood? Let's sing the song "Rain tears". But first, sing a descant.

Pre-Chorus "Falling Leaves"

Singing songs M. Lukonina "Rain tears"

music Director. rain drips loudly, cleanly, easily. Show how drip drops. You can still show the piano – here's how drip drops. I'll show you a musical instrument that also can show up as a drip drops. This musical triangle. Listen. I'll show you how to properly play. Hold the triangle with an eyelet, clamping the triangle, and the jerky movements easily tapping on it with a special stick, then get as fresh, clean, easy sound.

The name of this musical instrument?

Guys, the rain passed and the forest grew a lot of mushrooms. Autumn is mushroom season, let's see what mushrooms have grown! (Shows cap fungi) Go and collect mushrooms!

In Mademoiselle: Play dance game "Mushrooms"! Stand in a circle, so it was wide and flat, turned to the right. Sing together and have fun.

Dance game "Mushrooms"

After the game, when the teacher collects beanie, moose. the head cleans a cloud and droplets from the flannel-graph;.

In-l: Autumn weather is changeable, only it was raining, then suddenly the sun appeared. It is fun, smiling, as if inviting us to dance. Boys invite girls to dance. Become couples in a circle, place the Windows between the pairs, place hands on waist and girls hold skirt. Listen to the Intro. Run on toes easily, slowly. Listen to your music when you end the first part of the music, stop and get ready to claps.

"Pair dance" Czech. Nar. melody.

Well done, you tried, let's get on the right palm leaf and quietly on he poduim. Now on the left. Inhale through the nose and exhaled slowly.

music Director. Guys, and I caught an autumn leaf, but he is not simple, it is something written.

"You guys are very good, and they were attentive, happily singing, nice dancing and fun play. Well done! We really liked it. Autumn leaves"

Goals and objectives:

Musical-rhythmic movements

• Teach kids to perform imaginative movement: to run easily, on my toes like leaves, easy to spin, slowly squat, lowering the leaves, learning to gradually narrow the circle and expand it, moving backwards.


• Learning to listen to the music carefully, to the end

• To develop the ability to understand music, to be able to Express what this music what it is.


• Develop singing voice, singing without straining, free.

• Continue to develop the ability to convey the character of the songs in singing.

Game on children's musical instruments:

• Familiarity with new musical instrument musical triangle.

• To fix the name.

• To introduce the techniques of playing it.

Elements psychological gymnastics:

• To continue the acquaintance with the pictograms.

• Encouraged to Express understandable to children's emotions expressive.

• To use acquired skills in other activities.

Material to the lesson:

• Autumn leaves by 2 for each child

• The flannel-graph;, pictures for flannel-graph; – sun, cloud, leaf, drops.

• Picture "Dancing bunnies"

• Icons

• Musical triangle

• Cap mushroom

Musical repertoire :

• "Waltz" music. Zilina

• "Rabbit dance" music. Enikeeva

• "Rain of tears" Music. Lukonina, CL. Sadovoy

• "Mushrooms" music. and SL. Bokach

• "Dance" Czech folk melody
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