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Card index of experiments for children 3-4 years 2018
2016-02-20, 12:31:26

Card index of experiments for children 3-4 years
About pilot activities as the basis for the development of intellectual and research abilities of children.

1 "I bake, bake, bake to children all on a bun" — experimenting with wet sand
In children a variety of molds, buckets and shovels. The teacher offers to sculpt cakes of different shapes

2 "sinking sand" — experimenting with dry sand, the Caregiver offers to bake cakes of dry sand. What's going on? Offers to take the sand in his hands and waking his stream. Then give the children paper bags with a hole in it and offers to RUB the sand from them, it is possible to draw a trickle of sand

3 to teach children to get colored sand to Prepare gouache, diluted with water, and light sand. To show children that it is possible to paint not only the paper, but the sand

1 "Different legs stomp on the snow track" is to teach children to get a clear footprints in the snow the Teacher teaches children how to obtain clear footprints in the snow. Taking the child by the hand, makes an imprint of its shape on smooth snow. Shows how to get out of snow of different shapes

2 "Ice slide" — show the children how to make a slide for a doll using the baby blades the teacher and children do slide for the doll out of the snow, and then pour water on her and watch to the end of the walk, what happens to the slide. Then rolled the doll with ice slides

3 "Snow town" — to teach children to make snow balls and a great home Teacher from the snow sculpts the bun and invites children to do the same. Then shows how the small poly cannon you can build a big house called a snow fortress

4 "Colored figures" — to teach children to paint snow shapes On the walk the teacher does with the children figures out of the snow: snowmen, turtles, pies, snow town of little clumps of snow. The assistant teacher makes warm colored water in the spray cap, and the kids paint with water figures made of snow

1 "Boat" — to familiarize the children with properties float-ing objects the Teacher makes the children paper boats and then launch them into the puddles. If this happens in the group, in a basin of water and allowed floating metal toys, then see what happens to them

2 "Pochards" is to familiarize children with the properties of "profiling" toys Children hand out tennis balls and show that they Pro-comes, if thrown into water

3 "the Breakers" Every child gets a plastic Cup and a straw for a cocktail. The tutor shows how to get the ripples in the glass

4 "Gather water" is to teach children to use the sponge to collect water Each child is given a colored sponge. The teacher reinforces children's knowledge about color on the lips, then shows how you can collect water from the table in a bowl with a sponge

5 "Foam" is to teach children to do the foam from the shampoo In a bowl pour warm water, then add shampoo. Whisking the water with your hand, get the foam. In such water you can swim doll

1 "Tear paper" Children tear colored paper into small pieces and make them into applique

2 "Paper balls" — to introduce children to a new feature of the paper — rolling about the Educator teaches the children how to make paper balls, and then a collective application

3 "Paper strips" Children hand out the scissors and half of a landscape sheet, then show how to obtain a strip with scissors. Cut strips can be used to find out if in the street the wind

The sun
1 "Sunny bunnies" — to teach children to play with the spot of sunlight to Bear on a Sunny day on the plot of the mirror and teach kids how to put a sun Bunny. To organize games with Sunny Bunny

2 "Shadow" — to introduce children to the property of sunlight to Tell the children how there is a shadow, watch the shadow move

3 "Colorful glass" is to familiarize children with the properties of transparent glass to Give the children colored glasses and see through them, like changing the world

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