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Card index of experiments for children "4-5 years 2018
2016-02-20, 12:39:20

About pilot activities as the basis for the development of intellectual and research abilities of children.

1 "Live sand" In a plastic bottle to pour the dry sand and twist the roofs coy. In the cap using the awl to make a hole and insert a tube. Breath into the tube and observe what happens in the bottle
2 "Sand castle" that the Wet sand could leak from the palms to a trickle. If palms to hold over one place, from trickles of you can get the cone, which looks like a castle. When drying the sand hardens, and you get strong construction
3 "And we sowed the sand" to teach children to sow the sand through a sieve. To consider what the difference between sifted unsifted sand from
4 "Grit" to Give children a magnifying glass and consider what is in the sand. What are to touch the individual grains of sand?
5 "Hourglass" — to introduce children to an instrument for measuring time to Show the children the hourglass and tell the history of this device. To give the opportunity to feel the length of time on the hourglass. To offer to do something, noting the time on the clock: to dress, to sing a song, etc.
The wind
1 "Toy helicopter" is to familiarize children with the attribute of wind — result in the movement of light objects to Do with children's toys turntables and show how they cause movement by means of wind
2 "Wind on the sea walks" to teach children to make little boats from walnut shell and to send them sailing through the wind
3 "the Wind and the seeds" In the area to consider with children lionfish maple and ash. Why seeds are of the form? Offer to put the seeds on your palm and blow on them. What happens to them?
4 "windmills" to Show the children a picture of a windmill, to ask if they know what mill. Tell how the people use the wind for their needs. To make children work together with the layout of the windmill
5 "Scarecrow" the Teacher tells the children how he saw the neighbors at the cottage the Scarecrow, on which hung light cans and tape from the old tape recorders. Do you think what is hanging on the Scarecrow these items? Then offers to experiment with such things, when the wind blows
1 "properties of water"
Water has no form. Pour water into the vessels of different form and explain to the children that it takes the shape of whatever vessel into which it is poured. Then spill on the floor. What happens to the water? Water has no taste. Let the children taste the water. What's it taste like? Then in a glass to quit sugar and stir. Now what is the taste of the solution?
Then in one glass to throw salt in another glass of water to drip lemon juice.
Water has no smell. In a glass of water added substances with pronounced smell and compare scents.
Water has no color. In a glass
with water to add dyes or gouache and watch what happens to the water. It dissolves coloring matter
2 "Water — source of life" On the walk to cut twigs from the tree and put them in a vase with water, and one into an empty vase and watch what will happen to the branches
3 "cap cap cap" At the site to observe the melting icicles. How can I get a drop, not only from icicles? What form drops? What sound does drop when dropping? Compose music drops and play on the glockenspiel
1 the sunbeams Each child to give a mirror and help get Sunny Bunny.
2 "What lies in the mirror" the Child looks in the mirror, and the teacher asks him what is in the mirror right, left, top, and what he sees at the bottom of the mirror?

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