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Class correction "My name" 2018
2016-03-06, 15:57:17

Goal: development of emotional sphere of children.

:-to develop the ability to mentally reproduce an image of their own kind, through his own person;
-be conducive to rapprochement with each other;
-generate positive emotions through a smile;
-the ability of self-regulation, relieve mental and emotional tension;
-development of creative imagination;

The lesson
1. Playing exercise: "a Flower name".

  Let's close our eyes and imagine a summer day in the garden or on a forest clearing. Feel the smell of a summer day. Maybe someone will be able to hear something, such as birds singing or anything else. Consider the flowers around us. Now let's try to see the flower, which you could call by its name. What is it? Examine it, feel its smell, grab him. Try to remember what your hands feel. Try to imagine that we've forgotten how to talk and only know how to sing, and we need each other to get acquainted. Let's play is the introduction. Every one of you "singing" its name, and behind each of you your name the name of the choir will sing all the children. Here we met. Now let's talk about somebody in children:what is he (she, that is able to do, what color hair, eyes, face, in what is dressed, what his character. After hearing the story, the children guess who he was talking about. The first person who can guess the first one comes to known the description child, sets him in the middle of the circle to the storyteller and they, the three of us holding hands walking to the singing of all children:
Become children. Gather ' round,
Gather 'round, gather' round,
I'm your friend. And you my friend,
Good, good, friend, La-La-La,
La-La-La, La-La-La,
The word La-La-La all the children clap their hands, and three children whirl of fun.
The game can be repeated several times.
2. Creative play "guess who this is? ".
Remember, as you affectionately call home. We'll throw each other the ball. And the one to whom the ball gets calls one or several affectionate names. It is important, moreover, to remember who each of you dropped the ball. And now let's close our eyes, sit quietly. Now everyone try to imagine your name written on a piece of paper. Try to get a better look at his name to see what color the letters are what they are:high or low, what they look like. Now open your eyes and draw your name exactly as you want. If the name you want to draw something else, then it can be done. When the children have finished drawing, they show their pictures to the group. The teacher may ask to explain the choice of color for name.

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