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Classes on cognitive development, on the theme "Autumn" 2018
2016-06-09, 22:48:27


-To extend and consolidate children's knowledge about the fall as time of year.


- To expand representations of kids about the trees and wildlife.

-To train the intonational expressiveness of speech, to enhance and enrich vocabulary.

-To consolidate knowledge of colours: yellow, red, green.

-Develop the motor skills of the articulation apparatus and the fine motor skills of hands.

-To foster love and respect for nature.

Integration of educational areas "Cognition", "Communication", "Health", "Socialization".

The types of child activities gaming, communicative, productive, reading.


- To reinforce with children the characteristic features of the autumn weather.

- To expand the knowledge of children about the trees and animals.

- To encourage children to establish a simple connection between seasonal changes in nature.

- To bring up love and interest to nature.


-Exercise the ability to engage in dialogue.

-Fix ability to use in the speech nouns denoting animals and their offspring in the form of singular and plural.

- To develop intonational expressiveness of speech, the ability to read the poems emotionally.


- To develop coordination of movements of brushes and fingers of hands the hemispheres of the brain.


- To foster friendships, partnerships.

-To lay down rules of conduct in the forest.

Preliminary work: reading and learning poems about autumn, the autumn phenomena on walks, bit the game "With a tree leaf," the finger game "Autumn leaves", looking at the illustrations on topics: "Wild animals", "Trees".

1. Organizational moment.


If on the trees the leaves turned yellow,

If the edge of the distant birds flew,

If the sky is overcast, if the rain pours,

This time of year ... .

Children - autumn is called.

2. We now have a time of the year?

-Autumn (children's responses)

Didactic game "signs of autumn"

In: Fall is a special time of the year, it will take a lot. You need to choose only those images that match the autumn signs. And explain why you this particular image was chosen. (On the table are the subject of the story and pictures will take different times of the year)

-What happens in autumn in nature? (talk in pictures)

-the sun is shining and warm, it rains on dirt roads and puddles, the leaves turn yellow, birds fly away to warm countries, leaves turn yellow on the trees, the insects hide, wither the grass in the meadows (children's responses)

-What are the names of the months.

-September, October, November.

September is the month of early autumn, when still warm and not yellowed grass. Let us remember what color the leaves on the trees was in September? In early autumn, people harvest. What are people?

The game "Magic bag" we Need to get the object and call it "fruit" or "vegetables" (classification)

What can you make out of vegetables and fruit?

Not for nothing people say about September : "Day of September – feeds a year".

What's the second month of autumn? What changes in nature have you noticed in October? How animals and birds behave in the fall.

Game "complete the puzzle" Children do jigsaw puzzles with wild animals.

Who do you have collected?

Where do they live?

What can you say about the animals as they prepare for winter?

Children: Chipmunks prepare a nest of dry grass, leaves, so in the winter to go to sleep. Bear lays the fat reserves under the skin that winter to hibernate. Awake foxes, wolves, hares, lynxes. Because they can get their food. Protein changes its skin grey and making the inventory in the storerooms. What changes occur in the life of a hare? (Hare in autumn gray coat changes to white and becomes visible in the snow. So easy, and without fear of predators, moves in deep snow. Wide paws, covered by the winter coat, don't let him fall in the snow.

Came the coldest autumn month is November. Short cold days, frequent rains, and sometimes snow makes people dress warmer. In the morning, the puddles are covered with a thin crust of ice. Autumn says goodbye to us.

Remember signs and sayings about autumn

In November, winter is fighting with fall.

Mosquitoes in November to a mild winter.

A large crop of Rowan big frosts.

If the leaf fall will pass quickly to the harsh winter.

The cat hides its face to the cold.

In autumn birds are flying low to the cold winter, high to warm.

Warm autumn a long winter.

November the gates of winter.

Now tell me which of the two sentences is correct: "Autumn kids wear waistcoats, t-shirts, shorts and sandals" or "Autumn kids wear coats, jackets and boots.

What would happen if took to the streets in Panama, shirts, shorts and sandals?

The game "Dress the doll for a walk" the Consolidation of the order of dressing clothes.

You've worked hard, learned a lot during this autumn gives you gifts

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