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Cluster planning in the younger group 2018
2016-09-26, 09:44:13

1. "Kindergarten is a wonderful house! Life is good in it!"

2. "Beware of the car!"

3. "My favorite toy"

4. "Who works in a kindergarten?"

1. Journey through the territory of the kindergarten.

2. The game "Yes or no"

3. Fun "Spot's favorite toy"

4. Journey through kindergarten (music room, a gym, a medical unit, easting).


1."Meet autumn gold"

2. "That autumn we gave?"

3. "Who lives next to us?" (Pets and birds)

4. "Who lives in the forest?"

(wild animals)

1. A mural of leaves "Autumn gold"

2. Physical leisure "Vegetables and fruits are the best foods"

3. Table theater "Red riding hood"

4. Leisure In the forest dweller"

1. "My family!"

2. "Dress for health" (seasonal clothing)

3. "Wings, legs and tails"

4. "Mom, I love my..."

1. Photo collage together with their parents "Our family!"

2. D/game "Dress a doll Masha for a walk"

3. D/game "Feed the birds"

4. Exhibition of children's creativity "Magic flower for mom"


1. Hello guest, the Winter!"

2. "Anyone have any coats?"

(wild animals)

3. "Soon, soon the New year..."

4. "Celebrate the New year!"

1. The exhibition together with their parents "Winter fantasy"

2. View m\f "Tails"

3. Exhibition of children's art "the Toy tree"

4. Holiday "new adventures..."

1. "Christmas parties"

2. "Winter fun"

3. "Visitors come to us from the (folk toy)"

1. The folklore festival "Christmas carols"

2. Sports entertainment "fast sled"

3. Exhibition in collaboration with parents, "our favorite folk toy"


1. The project "magic words" (culture communication)

2."Go, swim, fly" (transport)

3. "Dad's holiday"

4. "Guys, let's live together!"

1. Birthday fun Michael

2. Exhibition of children's art "Funny cars"

3. Photo collage together with their parents "dad and I are best friends!"

4. View m\f "the adventures of Leopold the cat"


1. " women's day"

2. Keep the folk tradition"

3. "Easily not pull the fish out of water"

4. Exhibition of children's art "Spring drops"

4. View m\f "Patty"


1. "All about your health"

2. "ABC security"

3. "The objects of the immediate environment (furniture, dishes)

4. Skazka

1. Fun with parents "if you want to be healthy..."

2. a dramatization of the Russian folk tale "the little Goats and the wolf"

3. Leisure "familiar objects"

4. Game-quiz "who is it?" (the heroes of fairy tales)

the month of May

1. The project "where's the fish?"

2. "Animals and their babies"

3. "Those legs centipedes"

4. Collage of "fish in aquarium"

3. Game-quiz "whose baby?"

4. View cartoon
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