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Columbus day in the United States 2018
2016-07-30, 17:51:32
Teacher: what holiday is official in the US, you know?
-As they say?
Teacher : and now listen to my story about one holiday in the USA.

[size=14]The teacher talks about and shows slides.[/size]

Teacher: Columbus day in the United States

For the first time this holiday is "officially" celebrated in the United States in 1792, in honour of the tercentenary of the landing of Columbus. To commemorate the anniversary of this great event in Baltimore, Maryland, was a monument to the Navigator, and the district of Columbia received its present name (however, a year before the celebration of the tercentenary). For the four hundredth anniversary of this event in 1892, a statue of the Mariner was set in new York, on Columbus Avenue; President Benjamin Harrison specifically urged Americans to mark this solemn day for the country.Columbus monument in new York

It is worth noting that the initiative of celebrating the day of the discovery of America belonged not only to the leadership of the country, but ordinary Americans – so, in 1866 new Yorkers of Italian descent organized the celebration, and soon this tradition spread then all over the country.

For a long time, Columbus Day was an official holiday; over time he had gotten first in one state then in another, until in 1937 was declared an official public holiday across the country. For many years the holiday was celebrated on October 12, but in 1971 the us Congress decided on celebrating it on the second Monday of October.

Day parade Columba opposed to, for example, Christmas, a work on Columbus Day, but those who have the day off, a full can enjoy the festivities. One of the most important components of the celebration of Columbus Day in the United States are parades, ranging from small parades in small towns to draw thousands of spectators picturesque views in major cities like new York and San Francisco.

It is worth noting that not all Americans celebrate this holiday; so, in South Dakota instead of Columbus Day celebrate the Day the native Americans (Native American's Day), and in Hawaii – the Day of the discoverer (Discoverer''s Day).

Teacher: what holiday was it?
- When in the USA celebrate Columbus Day?
- After whom is named holiday? Why?
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