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"Composition number 3" 2018
2016-03-26, 23:09:14

The course lessons. 1. Organizational moment.
2. Updating of the received knowledge and skills.
Today we will go on a journey to the land of fairy tales. But to get there, you need to solve mathematical Daisy. (Children are examples of call and response.)
3. The main part. Familiarity with new material.
1. On the Board posted hero of the tale "Three little pigs".
Guys, from what this hero tales (Three little pigs) what is the name of the hero of this tale (NIF-NIF, Nuf-Nuf, NAF-NAF.)
NIF-NIF loved to collect flowers. Let's see what flowers he gathered in a clearing? (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue.)
How many colors he has collected? (3 of flower.)
You have made the number 3? (1+1+1=3)
Work in notebooks.
Help the NIF-NIF the paint colors so that no color was repeated twice. How many colors have you painted and what color? You have made the number 3? (1+1+1=3)
Write this example under the flowers.
Physical exercises. The three bears.
The three bears went home.
Dad was a big, big,
Mom with him the smaller one,
And son baby just.
Very little he was,
With the rattle went
Ding-Ding, Ding-Ding.
2. Composition number 3. 2+1=3
To the NIF-NIF his friends came and brought balloons — 2 red and 1 yellow. How many balls brought pigs? (3)
How is it number 3? (2+1=3)
Work in notebooks.
Give each pig balls so that you get the red balls is 1 more than the yellow. How many red balls you have drawn? (2) How many yellow balloons( 1) How many balls? (3) How come the number 3? (2+1=3)
Note the example below the picture.
4. Understood the material. Playing the exercise "matching". Connect the numbers with the correct number of items.
The self check assignments.
5. The conclusion of the lesson. How many we got today? What are some ways we can get the number 3?

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