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Continuous educational activity in younger group "Account Number The number and number 3" 2018
2016-03-07, 05:28:28

1. To meet with a number and a digit.
2. To acquaint with the formation of the number 3 by adding one to the number 
3. To strengthen the notion of high - low.
4. Refinement and consolidation of concepts small - large, large, smaller, smallest.

1. Figures of the three bears.
2. Pictures of cooking utensils. Toy stove, toy set the pots and pans.
3. The card with the number 3.

The plan:
I. a game situation.
- Children, look, what is it? It is someone's hut.
- Who lives there?
"Near the forest at the edge of the
Three of them live in the hut.
There are three chairs and three cups,
Three beds, three pillows.
Guess without hints
Who is the hero of this tale? (The three bears) .
- Who remembers, what was the name of the bears in this tale? (Mikhail, Anastasia, Joy) .
- Children who is the highest? -
- Who is the lowest?.
- Who will help me to arrange the bears in growth?
And you know what, we denote the number of bears? (3) .
"But this opinion is number three. Three - the third icon is composed of two hooks. (Show the number 3, You can fold it out of the sticks) .
"I go, you go: one - two - three. I sing, you sing: one - two - three. We walk and we sing one - two - three. We live very amicably: one – two – three.
- Children, what's that noise? And hiding behind tables, he is going back there hut.
Section II. D\and "the Three bears is preparing dinner".
Once the bears decided to all make dinner together. (To put the bears around the plate) .
- The biggest bear decided to cook a soup. The smaller bear (N. P.) was to cook pasta.
Little bear decided to cook the compote.
The bears took 3 of the pan.

Help the bears take it. The biggest bear (M. I.) need to go potty?
- Which Bank will give the average bear (N. P.)
Right, less.
And the young bear that pan?
- Yeah, a little.
- What would the water in the pot boiled faster, they should cover.
And cover we messed up. Help the bear to choose the right cover. (Children choose) .
III. "Collect Teddy".
The use of geometric shapes.

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