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Conversation "Fruits vegetables useful for adults and children" 2018
2016-02-19, 04:49:29

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1 to Continue to broaden the perception of vegetables and fruits.
2 to Secure the ability to classify, allocate the signs (external: shape, size, color; surface features, gustatory, olfactory signs of vegetables and fruits) .
3 to Clarify and update the knowledge of kids about fruits and vegetables, as food, their use;
4 to Train in the conduct of basic experiments on the identification of taste quality.
5 to Consolidate the skills of research activities;
6 to Secure the ability to learn vegetables and fruits according to the description, to answer questions fully;
7 to Train in the use of adjectives representing the features and the quality of vegetables and fruits. Vocabulary words: gardener, vegetable grower, to grow, to care;
8 to Raise curiosity, to develop perception, memory and speech.
Vocabulary work: names of vegetables and fruits; vegetable, fruit, autumn, seedbed, seedlings, planting, harvest, vegetable garden, garden, vitamins.
Mature, delicious, healthy, rosy, fragrant, bitter, sweet, sour, smooth, rough, juicy.
To grow, to tear, to pull, to dig up, to Mature, to plant, to water, to gather, to care, weeding, washing, School vegetable garden to clean, cut, eat.
The basket of vegetables, picture: "harvesting the garden", "School kitchen garden", "Box of feelings", trays, doll-autumn.
Materials for experiments: a plate with pieces of chopped vegetables and fruit, forks, napkins.
An audio recording of peaceful music, music to the song "we fall bring? "the tape recorder.

Part 1
The music sounds calm. The teacher invites children to enter the group room, drew attention to the guest (doll-autumn) .
Guys, what do you think, what's the name of our guest? How did you know? (children's responses) .
Hello guys, I brought you your gifts. Find out what it is. I read the poem, and you can finish the words. And answers add to cart.
Here spring was empty
Summer rose... .   ***  
We collect in a basket
Very large... .   
From the rain soaked earth-
Come on fatty... .   
Out of the ground for Chub cheat
Pull juicy... .  
Grandfather helps grandson
Collects from the beds... .  
Here is the green fat man
Large, smooth... . 
And handsome, giant-
Dark blue... .
And now we come to the garden
There is ripe... .  ***(grapes)
For Vlad and Katy
Collect in a basket... .
That's all! Though tired,
The harvest we all gathered!
-Guys, look, we have in the basket all the vegetables and fruits were mixed. Let's show fall, what do we know vegetables and fruits. Let's play a game "Put the vegetables and fruits." On one tray lay only fruit, another only vegetables.
Now let's see, did we?
Autumn: You guys rock, I can see that you know the vegetables and fruits.
-Guys, let's go to the chairs. Let's play with fingers (finger gymnastics 2 times)
We chop cabbage,
We a carrot three
We sprinkle with salt cabbage,
We hit the cabbage.
Part 2
Autumn: Guys, autumn is time to harvest. Look at this picture, what do you think, what's it called? (with difficulty helps) look at it.
-Where are the vegetables?
-How grow vegetables?
-How to prepare the ground for planting?
-What is planted into the ground?
-How to care for vegetables?
-When harvesting?
Who cares for the vegetables?
-Look guys my story. Vegetables grow in the garden. In the spring the earth in the garden digging first, then make the beds. In the garden sow seeds and plant seedlings. Summer watered the garden, weed the weeds, loosen the earth. And in the fall harvest. Caring for vegetables vegetable grower.
Autumn: Guys, as you probably know, different vegetables edible the different parts. Some vegetable – tops, and other roots, and the third and tops and roots.
-Want to play a game of "Tops & roots", come to this table. Divide the vegetables into three groups: one tray lay the vegetables have edible tops, on the other, the vegetables have edible roots, and in the middle on a plate put those vegetables whose edible and tops and roots. (Children do the job collectively and verify the correctness of the implementation)
Part 3
Children are invited to sit on the chairs. The teacher holds up another picture, draws the children's attention to it.
What is depicted in this picture?
-What grows in the garden?
-What are fruits?
Who cares for the garden?
-Fruits are grown in gardens. They grow on trees. Cares for the garden grower.
-Want to go in fruit Apple garden? Close your eyes and imagine that we went with you for a walk and came to the garden. In the garden is the Apple tree. And on the branch there hangs a beautiful, rosy Apple. Strongly shake the Apple tree, in the hand the Apple take. Ah, what a pleasant taste and aromatic (fragrant) odor. Eyes open, look at the palm, and on it the big lies, inhale its aroma. (Breathing exercises 3 times)
Autumn: Autumn is a generous time, I want to buy your gifts.
-Try it guys, a feast of autumn, go to the table. Look who learned what is on the plates? Pinned on a fork what would you like to try. Try and describe the taste of vegetables and fruits. What is the taste of tomato? Etc.
-All vegetables numerous vitamins, so they are all useful to humans. No wonder they say: "a Dinner without vegetables, what's a celebration without music". But before eating must be washed, as the fall did today. You like food? Thank you autumn for your gifts.
Autumn: I am autumn is a fun time! Want to play with me? Come to this table. Look at this magic box, I folded the vegetables and fruits. "Pen into the box put! We define a vegetable and would rather give! "How did you know what this vegetable is? What it feels?
Autumn: my friends have to go now, bye kids!
Very sorry to leave, but we will wait to meet you next year. Guys, let the memory of our meeting will make a gift of autumn? What would you like to give autumn? (children's responses). I think autumn will be happy to listen to our song about it. (Children sing) Goodbye to our guest in the autumn.

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