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Conversation "Learn to be good" 2018
2016-02-18, 19:39:38

Conversation "Learn to be good"

  • to Contribute to the formation of the concept of "kindness"; to arouse children's desire to do good deeds to help others.
  • to Learn to Express their thoughts about good deeds, create the ability to work in a team, to Express their opinions, to reason.

    Teacher: Children let's get together in a circle and each arc will smile, hug and wish "good morning".
    Well done, now sit down on chairs .
    And now I'll tell you a little poem about kindness.
    Kindness is needed by all people,
    Let more good will.
    No wonder they say at the meeting
    "Good afternoon" and "Good evening".
    And not for nothing that we have

    The wish "good luck".
    Shy from the century
    Decoration man...
    Teacher: Children think and say, or who you can say "good"?
    Children: of man, Of his deed, etc.
    Teacher: What makes a good man?
    Children: He helps everyone, he is not greedy, not someone not offended .
    Teacher: are All people need kindness?
    Teacher: that's Right kindness is needed by all the people we need to help each other, take care of friends and relatives, always to share, not offend nobody. Each person must have a good heart, good soul, to be able to speak kind words, sorry to those who got in trouble, and, of course, all love.
    Finger gymnastics
    Friends in our group girls and boys.
    (connect fingers in the "castle")
    We befriend little fingers.
    (touch fingertips of both hands)
    One, two, three, four, five to start counting again.
    (fresh touch of the fingers from the little finger)
    One, two, three, four, five – we finished counting.
    (hands down, shake the tassels)
    And now we will guess riddles.
    Meet Bunny, a hedgehog is a neighbor
    He says: "... "
    And his neighbor eared
    Answers: "The Hedgehog, ... "   (Hello)
    Clumsy dog Jon
    The mouse stepped on the tail.
    They had a fight,
    But he said "... "   (I'm sorry)
    The Fox Girl Says:
    "Give me the cheese, the crow!
    The cheese is big and you're small!
    Tell everyone that did not give! "
    You, Fox, don't complain,
    And tell me: "... " (Please)
    To eight-legged flounder
    Monday swam,
    And on Tuesday goodbye
    She said,"..."  (Goodbye)
    Let's play a game of "Compliments"
    Children stand in a circle. Looking into the eyes of the neighbor, we have to tell him a few kind words, for something to praise. Then pass into the hands of each Heart. The host nods his head and says, "Thank you, I am very pleased! "Then he gives a compliment its neighbor, the exercise is conducted in a circle.
    Teacher: well Done guys! You have a very warm and friendly!

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