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Conversation "What to do and how to behave if there was a fire" 2018
2016-02-18, 19:51:19

Conversation "What to do and how to behave if there was a fire" for the children of middle group

Riddle: "If a smoke belching clubs,
Flame beats languages
And the fire is everywhere and the heat
It's a disaster ... (fire) "
And what is the fire?
As a fire might occur and why? (children's responses)
If, suddenly, a fire occurs, do you know how to behave in this case? Who to call and where to call in case of fire? (children's responses)
Imagine being in the apartment by negligence or for some other reason, there was a fire. What to do? The main thing is not to panic. If there are adults at home, as soon as possible to inform them about the fire. But if, for some reason, adults not at home, you quickly, without wasting time, call the fire Department. To do this, dial the phone number "911".
"If winds flame,
Smoke coming post,
"911" we gather
We'll call the firemen! "

Talking on the phone you need clear, clear, enter your address: street, house number and apartment, floor. If you failed to call the fire brigade, do not attempt to extinguish the fire. Run out of the apartment, firmly closing the door behind him, tell the neighbors about the fire.
Remember some important rules of conduct in case of fire in the apartment:
1. Never open wide the Windows and doors in the apartment where the fire started, this will only increase the craving, and the fire becomes stronger.
2. Do not extinguish with water included in the network electrical devices, you may get an electric shock.
3. During the fire dangerous not only fire but also smoke. During combustion some of the materials from which made furniture and other belongings in the apartment, emit poisonous gases. Enough two or three times to inhale this poisonous smoke, and you can lose consciousness. To avoid this, you need to wet the towel with water and apply to face, closing the airway (mouth and nose). But the main thing – to quickly leave the burning apartment.
1. What are some of the reasons why the apartment may cause a fire?
2. What to do if in apartment there was a fire?
3. What number should call to call the fire brigade?
4. What you need to say, calling the number "911"?

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