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Creative physical — cognitive activity with environmental content "winter animals" 2018
2016-06-10, 21:59:38

Equipment: the Scenery of a winter forest, three Christmas trees, two trees, eight-sided dice, the layout of the den, pictures and footprints of animals and birds.

The progress of the class.

1 Children enter the hall with careful steps (recorder "crunching snow") and lined up in a row.

Moderator: Guys, let's today we will go to the winter woods and view Lee happy mischief mother winter animals and birds? Well if they simulta in severe frosts, blizzards, the snow days?

So, for example - in! in the forest a snake between the trees and the trees step -March! I'll read a passage from the works Scribeskul "Four artists", and you guys show in motion live picture of nature.

"Winter walks through the woods in high soft boots, stepping softly, quietly (walk with high lifting Callen, hands on his belt). And she glances around - here and there their magic draws a picture (head turns to the side) she got up of pine and spruce in a heavy accretion (raising and lowering arms with bends, to his eyebrows pulled on them white caps (round hands up, bend forward, down mittens on the branches wore (hand - swaying). Are forest heroes, next to each other, are sedate, calm (stand on one leg, rounded hands down). And at the bottom underneath different bushes so very young trees had taken refuge. Like their children, also in winter white coats dressed (squat). Frozen winter snowy forest, as if bewitched evil sorceress - winter. It seems that no one in the forest do not live. Silence.

2 Guys, if you look real close, in the snow you can see the painted patterns of the different traces. But if there's evidence, then someone left. Experienced hunters know how to read the alphabet forest on the trail. Who is able to understand the traces, immediately identify what animals were here, what he did, what he ate, and who was after them. Let's you and me on the trail learn what animals and birds spend the winter in the woods, and how they live (on a carpet lined with the traces of the hare, squirrel, Fox, wolf, moose, crows, and Sparrow) .

Invite the children to pass through the winding tracks, to know whose they are, to reach the card, to open and show the image of an animal or bird. Then spread the cards on the blocks, put a distance in a row. Then a draw it is selected.

Mobile game "Chase – picture" (At the signal the children run in all directions, it catches, touches a hand caught and calls the animal depicted on the card, in which he has to "develop", stopping short) .

- Birds in winter, hard to find, they are in a furry white coat, like a little sugrobik. You can find them only in traces. Listen to the story of Tolstoy "Hares" and will in time draw the reader in motion.

Children spread around the hall depict birds and hunters.

"Winter forest hares feed at night, the bark of trees. During the night the hares lay in the snow deep footprint prominent. To the hares hunters and people, and dogs, and wolves, and foxes, and crows, and eagles. If the hare went simply and directly, that in the morning now would have found the trail and caught. But cowardice saves him. Will be forward, will get scared and run back in its track. Still hear anything, and as hard as he jumps to the side and galloping away. Again, banging anything, and the hare turns back, and again will jump to the side. In the morning the hunters begin to disassemble the rabbit trail of confused double-tracks and far jumps and wonder tricks of the hare. And the hare didn't think to cheat. He's just afraid of everything".

- Guys, let's try to run and jump like rabbits and confuse your trail, that would be no hunter and the beast you caught.

Mobile game of "Find the rabbit". (Children stand in pairs in all directions: in front of –"hare", followed by "hunter". At the signal, begin to run rabbits, confusing tracks them relentlessly fleeing hunters. The winner is the couple that will quickly catch the hare, never entangled) .

- And here we are on the trail came to squirrels. Squirrel not afraid of winter. Generous autumn gave her new grey coat, which as well as the hare helps her to disguise itself. The whole forest in the snow: hid under the snow grass, seeds, fruits, roots of plants. No nuts in the woods and cones, mushrooms and fruit, but the squirrel's not worried. Remember the story of Prishvina "Squirrel memory", like a squirrel hiding, and then finding the supplies. Jump from branch to branch in a winter Sunny day protein. But when come the frosts, blizzards, snowstorms, squirrel are seen. She curled up to sleep for several days in the hollow. Come on, guys, and we will turn to protein.

Jumping through the bars and directly under the arc podizanje (thread two subgroups) .

- The guys whose tracks we saw in the woods? Children's responses (wolf, Fox, moose) .

Show girls, like chanterelles, and the boys as the wolves prowl through a forest in search of food (improvisations children). The Fox sniffs the snow, looking for a mink mouse. So mostly mice and fed all winter. The wolf and Fox reserves do not, they are sometimes hungry sometimes. A moose wades through snow-covered thicket in search of food, digs under the snow dry grass, eats thin branches from bushes and trees (children depict animals) .

- And these traces are not similar to the beast (show) whose footprints are these? (bird). Right, large traces - crows and small passerines. Hard life is for birds in the winter forest. They tried in the cold and severe frosts close to a human dwelling arrive to be fed.

Leading with children up to the "bear den" (layout) .

- Oh, look, guys, what is this strange snow in the woods? From under the snow is some kind of vapor. All the bushes around the snow covered with frost, soft fluffy. Who guessed that it's for the snow?

- That's right, the den. And the frost on the bushes because a bear breathes and the warm air through a small hole comes out. The bear lay down to sleep until the spring. Over the winter he never wakes up, from side to side will not turn over. The stronger the frost, the stronger the sleeping bear.

- What other animals sleep under the snow? (hedgehogs, marmots, badgers, squirrels, raccoons). And what games you know about bears? ("The bear in the forest" "Bear and rabbits", "Bears and bees".) .

The mobile game "Bears and bees"

3 formation of a circle.

- Difficult beasts and birds in winter in the woods. How to care for them? The children's responses. People feed the hungry animals. The elk - decompose hay; squirrels - acorns and cones; the bird - feeders. So we live until the spring of our smaller brethren.

The conclusion of the lesson.

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