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Entertaining and educational event, "Hello, summer!" 2018
2016-06-05, 10:03:52

Objective: to Arouse positive emotions, to enrich with new impressions.
Objectives: to Expand understanding of the time of year - summer; to develop play skills.

Presenter: "Hello, guests! Hello, children!

Hello everyone in the whole world!

Hello rivers, trees, flowers!

Hello, love! Brighter light! "

The guys came the most awaited season

everyone around shouted " Hurrah! "

What a joy it?

Arrived. summer!

Today I invite You to take a trip by the summer, it's waiting for us on the Sunny meadow.

Are you ready? Then let's go!

It will be easier any way,

If song with you!

(Sounds an audio recording of a "song of summer" music by E. Krylatov, words Entin Y.)

Children go snake for a tutor, come on decorated with flowers, mushrooms and berries in the meadow.

To meet the children comes the Summer (the teacher, dressed in a green sundress, with a wreath of flowers on her head)

Summer:"hi, kids! Naughty mcnaughty!

Cheerful and bright-eyed girls Malchenko!

You know it was me! I Am Summer.

I came to you with the sun shining,

I brought you gifts,

Games, songs, entertainment,

And of course, fun!

Get up with me in dance,

Let everyone dance and sing.

The children get up to dance under cheerful music go in a circle, dancing along with Summer.

Presenter : well Done guys well summer met, and now let's tell the fly that we know about him. Children tell poems about summer, summer phenomena.

I will ask riddles about flowers that bloom in the summer, and you guess.

So let's begin.

1." Yellow eye, white wreath.

On a high leg, looking for a path. "(camomile)

2."Blue bell hanging,

He never rings. "(bell)

3."Was I a meadow on a footpath, saw the sun in a blade of grass,

But not the hot yellow rays of the sun. "(dandelion)

4."A long, thin stalk, on top of scarlet light,

He plant a lighthouse, it's bright red. (Mac)

Summer praises the children, offers to weave wreaths of flowers.

The game is played" will Splitem wreath. "

(children with flowers poppy, chamomile, bells to the music of"waltz of the flowers" Tchaikovsky

smoothly moving around the room, dancing with the music end, they must gather in a circle, forming a wreath)

Summer : Guys, did you know that the bell will not only flower, but also a musical instrument and I can play with him hide and seek.

Is the game "hide and seek with the bell".

Leading. Children, and what else can you do in the summer? And you can go fishing.

Dasha now we will tell a funny story about a fisherman.

The child tells a poem:

"Afraid to go fishing fisherman.

Why are you timid, tell me weirdo!

To the water is not suitable scaredy-cat Fedot,

Ever since I heard that the fish are biting. "

Guys, aren't you afraid that you will the fish to bite? Then go ahead! Fishing.

The game " Catch the fish! "

(In hoops place the fish, the children catch them with fishing poles with magnets.)

Host: And another summer rich in fruit, berries, vegetables. What kept pace in the garden? What's in the garden? And in the woods? Now we will go with you into the woods for mushrooms.

Is the game" Who will collect mushrooms"

(children divided into two teams gather mushrooms in baskets.)

"Cook compote" (in the shopping cart are vegetables and fruits, mushrooms children should choose what you can cook compote)

Moderator :Our children are prepared for the Summer gift.

"The orchestra of noise instruments performs

Summer: I really liked your surprise, I too have prepared for you fruit gifts

(Gives a basket of apples and pears)

"Nice we had fun

Play, frolic,

With you sorry to part,

But it's time to say goodbye

A new meeting I'm happy

Goodbye friends! "

Host : And we also time to come home. Summer, thank you for the warm sun, for the rain mushroom, over the rainbow. Further raduy us with their time and good weather!

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