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Experimental activities "Experiments with foam" in the youngest group 2018
2016-02-19, 23:22:16

Children are by nature explorers, with joy and surprise at discovering the world around us. Elementary experiments experiments help children to acquire new knowledge about a particular object or phenomenon. The knowledge gained during the experiments, remembered for a long time. In January our school took place the week of experiments. My kids also experimented. It was very interesting.
Objective: to introduce children to non-traditional material - foam. To generate ideas about the properties of foam: "white", "air", "light".
Develop skills of experimental activity, tactile sensation, imagination and fantasy, emotional responsiveness.

Experience No. 1 "introducing foam"
Objective: to introduce children to the property of foam: "air", "light", "white", to develop cognitive activity and curiosity.
Equipment: water tank, soap.
The course:
The teacher says that before eating we have to wash your hands with soap, washes the hands with soap lather (show children). Says that her hands are white "gloves" and invites the children to lather the hands. Kids lather your hands with soap lather.
"My, my, my – clean, clean, clean,
Will handle clean, clean, clean."

Children observe the fact that the handles have white, fluffy and light foam. Wash it with water and wipe hands with a towel.
Experience No. 2 "playing with foam"
Objective: the development of imagination, observation.
Equipment: soap, water container, whisk.
The course:
In a container of water with a whisk, beat the foam, and every child takes a foam on the palm and tries something out of it blind. Offered in a lush white mass with a finger to make the holes – the eyes, draw the mouth or nose. Foam can together to sculpt icebergs, snow drifts and white clouds.

Sculpt snowballs, clouds.
Experience №3 "foam to Put in molds"
Objective: to develop tactile sensation, tactile sense.
Equipment: scoops, cups and various containers.
The course:
Whipping the foam, put on the table the cups, soap dishes and other containers. The guys show that foam can be made into different shapes using the scoop. The children are happy to start experimenting.

Lay the foam in molds.
Experience No. 4 "Oh, what foam! "
Objective: to develop an independent experimental activity, curiosity and cognitive activity.
Equipment: beaters on the number of children, water containers
The course:
Show the kids how you can beat the froth with a whisk and offer themselves to make the foam. If necessary help children to cope with experiment.

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