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Experimentation "Beauty flowers" 2018
2016-02-20, 13:15:10

Working on an environmental project for experimentation, I want to share my experience with you. The child itself is already a researcher, taking a keen interest in various research activities – to experiment. My practice has shown that children with pleasure "turns" in academics and conduct different researches, it is only necessary to create conditions. Children are happy to talk about their findings to parents, put the same experiences at home. Offer your attention one of the experiments conducted in the group.

For experience we need, water containers, white flowers (We used white carnations, Food coloring, a knife (used by adults only) are Added to each of the food dye of a certain color. Postponed one flower, and other flowers cut the stems. Shears for this purpose are not suitable - only use a sharp knife. Cut the stalk diagonally into 2 cm at an angle of 45 degrees

.Floating flower water in a container with dyes - it must be done as quickly as possible. Now let's take that flower, that was postponed. Cut (raswant) along the stem from the center into two parts. Then place one part of the stem in a container of dye, for example, is blue, and the other part of the stem in a container with dye. color (e.g. red). It remains to wait for the colored water will travel up the stems of plants up and paint their petals in different colors. Time it will take about 24 hours. We did it like this. The children were delighted when they saw the result. I would be glad if you will like it.

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